150 Cash Magic Review – Is 150 Cash Magic Scam or Legit?

150 Cash Magic Review – Is It Scam or Legit?

Are you trying to find out whether 150CashMagic is Scam or not? Then you are on right page. Our 150CashMagic review provides you all the details of 150CashMagic, So you can make a strong decision if you are going to work on it.

Before we start our review, We want to clear that this is a forced matrix site and  there is always a risk to work on these type of sites. So if you are looking for legit online works then you can find it by clicking on this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

Here  you will find number of good sites, But Wealthy Affiliate is the site which we recommend if you want to work without any risk.

Now, Let’s Begin our review as below

150CashMagic: Overview

There is no information about who owns or run the 150CashMagic because the site is registered privately. And more than that, the owner information is also not given in their actual website. So If any site owner hide their identity then there is always risk to work on that site. 15oCashMagic domain was registered on January 4, 2017.

150CashMagic has a 5×5 forced matrix downline stutcure it means 150CashMagic is 5 places wide and 9 level deep. The first 5 referrals are placed directly on your first level and if you refer more people then your referral will be placed on other levels.

How to earn money in 150CashMagic

You can not earn money as a free member in 150CashMagic. In order to earn money in 150CashMagic, You need to purchase  first level position for $1.50.There are five level  Positions and starts from $1.50 to $350

150CashMagic has 5 levels. In first level of matrix, You can have 5 positions. In second level of matrix, each position of the first level of matrix is splited into another 5 positions. It means in Second level of matrix you will have 25 positions. So in this way you will have 125 positions in third level, 625 positions in fourth level and 3125 in fifth level.

The process of money starts by giving $1.50 to your upline and unlocking your first level position.  In first level you will earn $7.50 from 5 position.($1.50 for each). To unlock second level of matrix you need to give $5 to your upline  and you will earn $125 from 25 positions($5 each) So you can unlock your all five levels by paying to your upline.

You can find income potential for each level is given below

 For Level 1
Give $1.50 to your upline, and  receive $1.5 from five subsequently recruited affiliates($7.5)
For Level 2
Give $5 to your upline, and receive $5 from twenty-five affiliates($125)
For Level 3
Give $25 to your upline, and receive $25 from one hundred and twenty-five affiliates(3,125)
For Level 4
Give $60 to your upline, and receive $60 from six hundred and twenty-five affiliates(37,500)
For Level 5
Give $350 to your upline, and receive $350 from three thousand one hundred and twenty-five affiliates(1,093,750)


As we mention before there is always risk to work on these type of sites. More than that, 150CashMagic owner hiding their identity by registering it privately . In 150CashMagic, You can also not work as a free member. So investing on the site whose owner is trying to hide their identity is always risky .  So we do not recommend this site to you and we also added this site into our not recommended list. Actually We do not recommend the site in which there is a risk to lose their hard earned money. We only recommend world no.1 online work program which  are online since 2005 and the name of that Program is Wealthy Affiliate. Without any risk, You can make full time income with the help of this program. You Can find more information about Wealthy Affiliate by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any question about 150CashMagic or any other online work. Please leave a comment below. We are happy to help you.