What is 17upnews.com? Is 17upnews Scam or Real?

What is 17upnews.com? Is 17upnews Scam or Real

Are you looking for more information on 17upnews.com? If you are then you are on the right page. This article seeks to provide an in depth analysis on 17upnews. Is 17upnews Scam? Is 17upnews Legit? Is 17upnews real ? is 17upnews fake? The simple answer to these questions is that 17upnews is a scam. Below are some of the reasons why we consider this site to be a scam.


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What is 17upnews and what do they do?

It is an online website where they claim to pay you money for simply reading new news articles. This appears to be a simple and fair deal until you get to hear what they are willing to pay you. They offer you between $3 to $4 for every new piece of news article you read. There are up to 30 fresh news articles on their website every day. If you do the math this equates to you getting a minimum of $100 on a daily basis and $700 on a weekly basis. There are a lot of ways you can make genuine money from online jobs, however this is not one of them. Once you are logged in, you will quickly realize that there are too many adverts on their site. They sell advertising space to other parties. Other parties will pay to advertise on their site because of the heavy traffic they get. This is why they lure people on their website with such mouth watering offers. This is only possible if you fall victim and sign up with them. The more traffic they generate, the more money they get from advertising.

They also generate more traffic by offering another attractive offer, If you will make a successful referral then they will give you $170. As though the deal is not good enough, they are also willing to pay you 15% of the earning your referral makes on a daily basis. Those people who are too quick to take them up on their offer always think that they are the ones getting the most out the deal, but in real sense it is the other way around. Your SignUp details are not also secure. The information you provide during your SignUp is also sold to third parties. People often wonder how they become vulnerable to hacking or getting loads of junk mail in their email. Then you should wonder no more because the information you give them will be used against you. Do not be too willing to give out your personal information to unknown parties, especially when financial details are required. They require your financial details, like your PayPal username in order to process your withdrawals.

The website has a minimum payout balance of $2700. For most people who have already signed up with 17upnews, this is where they realize they have become a victim of an online scam. Payout requests are never processed. If you contact the administrators of the website they will ask you to upgrade your account by paying a small fee. They claim your payout request will be processed faster if you upgrade your account. But once you pay them your payout request will still remain the same. This is a completely fake website where you can’t believe anything they say.


If you have any question about 17upnews or want to ask about any other site then please drop your comment below. We are happy to help you.