What is 1dollaradz.com? Is 1dollaradz Scam?

If you are looking 1dollaradz.com review to know more about how 1dollaradz works? Then you are reading the right article. If you are curious to earn money online, you must have know about the sites which pay you for just clicking the ads. Midst of all such website there are also many websites operating to cheat people and use their time and resources for their own good. Some question might strike to you like, is 1dollaradz Scam? Or is 1dollaradz Legit? Or is 1dollaradz Real? Or is 1dollaradz Fake? In this 1dollaradz review we are going to provide you all the answer of stated questions. Since PTC companies are working from a long time. To point finger towards them become hard. But still they left some the discrepancies on their website which shows that they are not legit. 1dollaradz is working similar to BigMoneyPTC website which is already declared a scam site in our Avoid Scam List.

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What is 1dollaradz.com Is 1dollaradz Scam or Legit Is 1dollaradz Real or Fake 1dollaradz Review 1dollaradz

How does 1dollaradz works?

1dollaradz is a PTC (Pay to click) website which claim that you can earn $1 for just clicking and viewing of ads. It is very high unsustainable click rate. In reality no business entity can sustain through such claims. Why they are claiming such high rate? They are claiming because they do not pay to anybody. Many genuine websites like GPTplanet pay to its member maximum $0.01 per click. Not only this almost every genuine websites have very low click rate which make their business model more sustainable and they are still regularly paying to its members till date. On contrary to genuine website 1dollaradz giving $1 per click which not only unsustainable but also non reliable. 1dollaradz Company not releases payment also. When member request for withdraw. They told them that their request is in process and it will take one month time. If they want to withdraw their money urgently or soon then member have to pay up-gradation fee. Even after paying from your own pocket this company does not release the payment because they do not have any intention to pay anybody and they never had.

We should understand that PTC sites make money revenue by selling advertisement. 1dollaradz selling 100 (paid to click ads) for just $1. They are also paying member $1 for clicking and viewing one ad only. Question arise is that who is going to pay for $99 for remaining 99ads? We make it simple Company is offering to show 100 ads for $1 and paying $1 for viewing one advertisement. It is ridiculous to think that company is paying from its own pocket. Company does not pay to anybody. This is the sismple rule follow by scam sites.

Where money involved the information become the critical and essential part of any endeavor. The company website does not provide any information of their owner or any personals that are responsible for this website. They even hided they information in WHOIS records, it means they are hiding intentionally. Or we can say that they are leaving no trails. Since this is a scam site, therefore, they do not want anybody to catch them for obvious reasons. Hiding the information is most common feature we observe among scam sites.


We do not recommended 1dollaradz due to reasons stated in upper paragraphs. Scam sites are working to earn money online and they do not have any moral responsibility to help others. Therefore, do not fall into their trap of earning high in little time. Hard work is needed in every kind of job. Do not run to earn money easily because at the end you have to regret.

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If you are having any doubts regarding 1dollaradz feel to ask us. We will be happy help you.