Bucks247 Review – Scam Or Legit?

Bucks247 Review – Scam Or Legit?

Introduction to Bucks24/7:

Bucks247 has been online since December 2009. The owner of the Bucks247 is Tim Kolb.
Bucks247 review- Scam or legitName: Bucks 24/7
Rating: 75 out of 100
Owner: Tim Kolb
Price to join: Free
Link to join: www.bucks247.com

What is Bucks24/7:

Bucks24/7 is a paid to click site in which you get paid when you view advertizement. Advertisers want to get traffic on their website so they diplay their ads and when you view those ads you get paid. You will ge from t $0.0001 to$ 0.005 per ad you view.

How to earn money in Bucks24/7:

To earn money in Bucks24/7 is very simple, you only need to view the ads for 5 to 30 seconds. You will get more than 50 ads per day. You can earn up to $0.015 daily by viewing advertisement.

How to earn more in Bucks24/7:

You can increase your earning in Bucks24/7 by making direct referrals. Direct referrals are the referrals who join under you. When they click or purchase something you will get commisons. You will get 50%  from your referral each click  and you will get 10 % commisions on every purchase your referral made.

Note: You will not get your referral earning tomorrow if you not view minimum no of ads today. In order earn from your referral tomorrow, you must 1 click ad today.
If you have to 200 active direct referrals then you can earn good income in Bucks24/7.  Try to refer more people, the more people work under you the more commiisions you will get. If you have not idea of getting direct refferals then Click Here

Good about Bucks24/7:

Bucks24/7 is paying on time to their members from more than 5 years. If a PTC does well without any issue from more than 6 year than it will considerd as established site.
The minimum cashoust is very low. You can request for cashout when you reach threshold of $2.47. You can use payment processor like Paypal, Payza, Okpay, Solid Trst Pay, Pefect money and Egopay.
Bucks24/7 have a forum. If a PTC site has forum then its is a plus point for the site,Members can discuss with other members and share their success.

Bad about Bucks24/7:

Bucks24/7 has a feature of rented referral. But rented referral is not a good to earn money, Because many time referrals become inactive and you lost the money you invested in prchasing rented referrals. So try to focus on getting directreferrals. Fore more details about getting direct referrals Click Here

There is a Head- Tail game in which you have to guess Head or tail. If you guess right you will win otherwise you will lose. It is better to leave it because mostly time people lose money in this and if you want to play it you can, its up to you.

For standard members, If they request for payment after that they need click all ads atleast for 20 days out of 30 days to get paid otherwise they send back payment of standard members to their account balance. If you dont like this rule, then as a standard members this site is not for you.

There are other features like Playgrid, Microjobs. In playgrid, you have to click somewhere in box, and you will be view adveriser site. You will not get paid everytime you click, you will get prizes if you are lucky. So it is better to leve it and try to focus on other things to earn money like getting direct referrals.

Microjobs are also not good way to earn money, because when you complete your offer it is not gurantee you will be get paid for that offer. Because it depend on the advetiser they approve your work or not. Most of the times you will not get paid for your hard work.So it is better to not waste time in these offers.


Bucks24/7 is a legit PTC site and paying on time to their members. Only clicking ads your earning will be low.You can not earn good amount of money without referrals. So try to make direct refeeals to boost your income.

If you have any question about Bucks24/7 then ask by dropping comments below. We will reply in jiffy.