What is Cryptodelics.com? Is Cryptodelics Scam?

What is Cryptodelics.com? Is Cryptodelics Scam?

Seeking the web pages to know about the Cryptodelics.com? You have arrived at the right page on which you will have the answers of most important question about Cryptodelics. Many scams are running on the internet and there are many players present to take advantage of people ignorance. Few questions immediately came into the mind that, Is Cryptodelics real or fake? Or Is Cryptodelics legit or scam? To understand more clearly about the site, read our Cryptodelics review. This will give you the insight, how this site is working on a ponzi scheme. Ponzi scheme is basically is the scheme in which company pay their already registered members with the money invested by the new members. To shorten the gap between detail and conclusion the fact is that this site is working on ponzi scheme and we do not recommend this site.

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What is Cryptodelics.com? Is Cryptodelics Scam or Legit?


How does the Cryptodelics works? Why we do not recommend it?

When you visit Cryptodelics nobody can say that it is not authentic. In their FAQs they have given the answers of many questions very correctly and to the point. Then why we are not recommending it?

Here are the reasons, first of all the business investment proposal it offers is similar to the previous scam sites and other sites which are already not recommended. They have very profitable investment plan which automatically attract investor attention towards it. Cryptodelics offer 10% interest on daily basis on minimum investment of 0.001BTC up to maximum investment of 5BTC. You can invest maximum of 300BTC and get 15% of interest on daily basis. 300BTC is very high amount and getting high interest on it is not the sustainable way for any kind of business model. If they pay as they are promising then this company will soon collapse and led the investors to lose their money.

Cryptodelics very firmly and explicitly claims to be registered in UK with company name: Cryptodelics limited and company number: 10862378. But what we got to know through our research is that getting the registration from UK is very easy job and anyone can have done registration only by paying 20GBP. The fun fact is that many sites which previously declared as scam site and currently running site which are also working on same model have done the registration of their office from the UK. There is no credibility on UK registration because it easy to acquire such registration without proper authentication.

Cryptodelic is an investment service company and solely work on bitcoin market. They declare that they have team of experts who use best practice of trading and mining. But they did not share name of their experts or any kind of information about who are these experts of financial market. Without knowing the person who is going to invest on your behalf is not the good way to invest your money in the volatile investment market.

It has referral program tiered in 3 levels. On the first level it offers you 5% on every referral and 2%-1% on second and third level respectively. These are very high rate which is not viable for any business model.


We do not recommend Cryptodelics .To make your investment and money safe from such ponzi schemes, the best way is totally avoid it. Earning money is not the easy task but we want to do it and scam site took the advantage of this loop hole in the mentality of common man.

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If you have any more questions about Cryptodelics, then please feel free to ask by dropping your comment below. We will be pleased to help you.