Achievement app Review: Is Achievement app Fake or Legit?

Achievement app Review: Is Achievement app Fake or Legit?

As we clearly say that “To enjoy the glow of health, you must exercise”. But due to our vibrant schedule we lack motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And if I say that there is an app named Achievement app which helps you people to keep yourself motivated. Achievement app is an accountability buddy for water intake, physical activities, and logging food.

What is Achievement app?

These days Achievement app is one of the top health app which provides you rewards for any of the activity you accomplish to sustain healthy. The main goal of the company is that being healthy should be a fun thing to do. The app provides its members to earn rewards for just a simple task that is walking. There are even others ways by which members can earn rewards like meditation, by posting healthy tweets, etc. Though this app is available only for the people in US, who can avail the benefits offered by Achievement app but it is working in order to expand its motive.

Achievement app Review Is Achievement app Fake or Legit

How does Achievement app works?

  • Join Achievement app = After completing the download, you just need to join the app to avail the benefits. It can be downloaded on both the Apple and Google store. All is you just need to input your email address, and birth date and create a password, and you are ready to earn rewards.
  • Earn by linking apps = Once you have joined, you can link probably 30 other apps to Achievement app to earn money. It is able to link apps like Apple health, Samsung health, Strava and Fit bit etc. After linking the apps with Achievement app , members can start earning rewards once they take steps, check heart rate, or by accomplishing any other fitness activity. Once these health apps are linked up, this will be the only time when the Achievement app will be able to properly track their member’s achievement and pay them the corresponding points. It is certainly important, as if these apps will not be linked up then, the company will not be able to recognize any of the fitness achievement. You can even link your twitter account and earn by posting your fitness related tweets.
  • Other ways of earning money = Eventually, Achievement app partners with other health companies to provide you other ways of earning money by answering surveys and participating in some bonus programs. For this, you need to meet their qualification requirements and it can even provide you an additional income.
  • Referral program = Fortunately, Achievement app also provides referral program. It’s an easy way out to earn more money and reach the level of cash out quicker. For every friend signs up using your referral code, you will earn 250 points each. The more people the member refers, he or she will be able to achieve 10000 points quicker which is a requirement to be able to cash out.
  • Maximum points required = There is no maximum number of points that you can earn, but definitely to cash out you need to collect 10000 points and then you will earn $ 10 . Rewards will be paid within 3-7 working days. Achievers can redeem the cash directly into their PayPal account or any bank account of their choice.

Merits of Achievement app:

  • The biggest attainment of Achievement app is that it actually pays to its members. It’s not like other app that promises to pay and did not pay.
  • It’s easy and simple to use. It does not require many personal details. You just need to provide an email, birth date and create a password to be a member of Achievement app.
  • Earning points on Achievement app is a systematic task. Once you link other activity related app with Achievement app, it will start tracking your activities.
  • Achievement app actually provides cash out, keeping people motivated towards their fitness goals instead of a Gift card or other forms of Rewards.

Demerits of Achievement app:

Though there are many good things about Achievement app, but still at some points it lack behind.

  • Earning points is an easy task but accomplishing the minimum requirement for cashing out is tough. Achievement app does not really pay large amount of points and reaching the limit to cash out that is 10000 point might take a while.
  • The biggest disadvantage of Achievement app is that it is limited to the areas of US only. And even there is limit to the number of members that can be referred.
  • It requires people to link to other healthy apps to Achievement app in order for them to earn money. Otherwise the app will not work effectively.

Is Achievement app does really pay or it a scam?

The app is completely legit and provides a suitable environment for the people to earn money. It does really pay to its customers. The company had already paid to $500000 to their members who have completed the target of 10000 points which is a minimum requirement to cash out. It’s not a way to become rich or to earn money to live a respectable living but definitely it will let you earn money for those activities which you have done anyway. But for all this, it’s important to link other health apps.

Is it recommended?

Yes, after all the research and investigation the Achievement app is worth working as it will provide you an extra income , but yes to reach the goal for cash out is tough. We recommend this app for you people to use if this app serves in your area.

If you have any doubt or queries related to Achievement app then please feel free to comment in the comment box.