Addicted to social media? Adfly Review

In the era of globalization people are curious of earning online legit money. Due to various sources of earning money online many of them have become corrupted. Therefore it is very much important to investigate about the source you are thinking of earning from.

Lately we came across a website namely Adfly which we are quite doubtful about because the company allows its members to earn swift money by using famous URL shortener known as Adfly.

Presently we are totally unaware of the fact that Adfly is useful or time waster. In the article we will cover all the corners and conclude whether Adfly is a legit website or another scam.

Addicted to social media? Adfly Review

What is Adfly?

Basically, Adfly abbreviate the link of the website you wish other people to visit. Therefore people tapping on the link will be directed to websites and before that they will glimpse an advertisement.

The company Adfly was developed in 2009 and till yet it is as popular as it was before. The company is been attracted by a lot of people.

Precisely, the company Adfly will be paid by those advertisements that ads will be shown during the process of website clicking. Therefore the company Adfly will pay back you the profits they have earned as your commission. The reason behind quick earning is that the members are generating traffic on the ads by sharing URL over the internet.

As long as our observation reads we claim that Adfly is legit and trustworthy website which pays their members without any issue and obstacles. Keep in mind that for the smooth running of your work you must follow the rules and instructions laid down by the company in their Terms of Service.

How does Adfly tend to work?

Luckily joining Adfly is absolutely free and no restrictions are to be followed. The registration is also hassle free and you will be required to submit some of your personal details like name, last name, crate a password, email address and a username.

If you motive of earning money through Adfly is by shortening links then you must select the account with tag Link Shrinker. For activation of your account you will have to follow the provided instructions given in the inbox.

Initially when you will log in to the account that you have created you will be taken to the dashboard directly where you can find your current balance and the link shortener. For being started firstly you should visit the category namely “account” where you will be required to submit your details. The information collected by the Adfly will consist of contact info, Payoneer or PayPal address.

In case you are not using either of the payment methods then it is mandatory to create one so that you can redeem you hard earned money because currently the company Adfly is providing only these two payment methods.

Money making with Adfly:

The only way to earn money by Adfly is sharing the shortened links of the websites so that people can visit the site. You can share those websites which you think people will be attracted towards the most.

For shortening the links of the website you will have to follow a simple procedure where you will first copy the link from the official website and visit the dashboard of the company Adfly and paste the link and thereafter tap on the button “shrink”.  Hence after the completion of the procedure you can share the shortened link on different social media platforms.

The trick behind earning is that the larger amount of clicks you will generate on your shared links the more clicks you will receive and as a result more money you will fetch.

The strategy of fetching more clicks is to paste the shortened links on plenty of social media sites and groups. For this purpose you can join groups on Facebook, magazines, Whatsapp and much more platforms.

Even the members of Adfly can also shorten the links of YouTube and share the video contents. For instance you can join a group of Yoga where you can promote the links of YouTube videos.

You must think practically because in case you join a group of fewer members then you cannot expect to earn many clicks. But if you join a group of 20,000 people in it then you can expect to earn 2% clicks which equals to 200. Therefore for earning more clicks you must join more groups with large number of members in it.

Another strategy to be played is that you must remember to share attractive contents so that people get more attracted towards the link you have shared. Therefore it is recommendable to foremost join the groups and check the contents which attract more people. This will help you much to generate more clicks.

How much can you fetch?

The company claims that the members will be paid for 1000 clicks. Therefore the rate depends totally on the country from the where the traffic is been generated and device which is used for this purpose.

Some countries like Canada, US and UK are tend to pay more because of the reason the advertising companies are in large number.

Remember that income from the clicks of desktop will fetch more profit than clicks from Smartphone. For instance, the traffic generated from Brazilian will get you $1.47 per click if done from desktop otherwise from mobile phone will get you $0.59. While on the other hand if the target generated from US will fetch you $19 per click from desktop. Therefore the list of pay rate depending on country will be shown in the official website.

The earnings you generate in each month depend on your ability to write innovative contents, the number of people click on your shared link and many other factors.


As mentioned above, the advertising company Adfly provides only two payment methods presently which are PayPal and Payoneer. For requesting the payment you must have accumulated $5 prior to submitting the request.


In our final verdict we conclude that the advertising company Adfly is legitimate URL shortener which helps people to generate passive income.

The only thing which should be kept in mind is that if you join groups with larger number of members then you can target greater clicks.

Therefore we recommend Adfly to our readers.

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In case you are hovering with confusion and doubt then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below. Experience holders are also welcome.


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