What is Adsok.com? Is Adsok Scam or Legit?

What is Adsok.com? Is Adsok Scam or Legit?

The main purpose for writing this article is to provide the public with a well laid out review about Adsok.com. If you have been on this website then the only question a logical person would seek is either of the following two questions. Is Adsok legit? Or is Adsok scam? These are the two most important questions to ask yourself before you embark on any online investment opportunity. Though the internet has simplified how we do business, the anonymity it offers has facilitated the growth of con artist at a very fast rate. New con schemes are invented every day and it is equally important you stay ahead of the curve in order to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. This is the reason why we see it fit to write this Adsok review. So that we may help you stay ahead of that curve. Simply put, Adsok is a Ponzi scheme which is guaranteed to fail in the long run. Keep on reading to find out exactly why we advise everyone to keep off this website.

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How does Adsok work?

Let us start with basic things first. Adsok.com is an online investment platform which focuses on selling online advertisements as their main source of income. The exact way as to how they are able to achieve that is still a bit ambiguous. They don’t offer a solid business plan which anyone can be able to test for its validity. The scanty information they offer is one of the early signs not to trust this company. The common rule for every successful investor is to always know how your money will go in, work for you and later on come back to you having multiplied.

The first step is that you will be required to do is to sign up or register with them. They point out that registration is free which will make you drop your guard. Immediately after you register with them, you are then required to select your preferred investment plan and subsequently you will be redirected to a page where you are supposed to make an online transaction in order deposit the required amount as your first deposit. This is the most dangerous stage because this is a loophole hackers use to gain your valued financial details including your username and passwords. These are the only two things they will require to clear out your online accounts. They specifically target online transactions like Bitcoins to make it easy for them to steal from you because there will be no face attached to the theft in the first place. There is a reason why you are always advised to login to your accounts directly from a verified financial website when doing any online transactions. Hackers may direct you to a dummy webpage where you will enter your username and password without thinking twice. The hidden keylogger program will display everything you type to the hackers. So make it a point to never carry out any online transaction when you have been directed to that page by a third party. Always log in to your account through the verified channels.

In order to make an investment you are first required to pick from 5 investment plans. They range from a starter package with a 11% profit margin when you invest a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $500, to the highest paying partner package which earns you a profit of 21% when you invest a minimum of $100,000 and a maximum of $5,000,000. There is no company which can transact that much money and not much is known about it. When you try to carry out a search to find out who is behind this website you will soon realize it has been registered privately. No information is also offered on their website. They use the money from new members to pay existing members and that is why you will find lots of positive reviews on the internet. They only do this to keep up the image of a functioning company and encourage you to invest even more. When the existing users become more than the new recruits, the website will close and make a run for it with your money. Stay away from this website because they are just trouble right from the start.


As we said before, Adsok is a ponzi scheme which can’t be sustain for long run. So, We recommend you to stay away from this site. If you are looking for good companies to make money online then you can find list of those companies by clicking this link https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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if you have any question about Adsok or want to ask about any other companies, then please feel free to ask by dropping your comment below. We are happy to help you.