review: Is Joualy Scam or Legit?

So here’s a new website which is added up in our scam section. We can probably make an idea that you were searching about the website , thus you have landed on the very right place. All your doubts have a solution, and therefore your solution lies right here in the following paragraphs.

The website namely has various information which is suspected doubtful by us according to our research. We definitely, without any thought declare that is not recommended.

The website home page shows a variety of products with tentative discounts. The company has a variation in its products. It claims that all the products of different occasions are been provided, either it’s for the new born babies, the best guaranteed attires for women, pet related accessories etc. Even the men are not kept aside, the website also assures products for the men in various styles and even the goods for interior decoration can be found on this very website.

But these all claims are not negotiable. Thus it is highly suggested that you should maintain distance from such website. review: Is Joualy Scam or Legit?

Reason for not recommendation:

Firstly, the has not provided any information related to its owner which is harmful for the people who are shopping from such website. As the legit sites provides the complete details pertaining their owner . But hasn’t provided any knowledge about the owner on the website and even on the WHOIS. Hence, its believed that the contact number , address, and the email address been mentioned are also fake as it’s the trick which is used by many bogus companies to trap the decent people. As the site is just 43 days old, shopping from such site is dangerous. You should always shop form the trustable sites like : Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Other than that, the payment you will make is also not in safe hands, as no logos are been illustrated at the time of checkout. Eventually, your bank details can even be misused . Therefore if you already have made the payment then it’s recommended that you should immediately contact your bank to bring the case in their notice.

Interestingly, the condition for availing refund policy , the product should be misused and should be returned in the original packaging. Now how can someone check without opening the package? And if opened it cannot be packed in the original packaging. Even the company conditions the people that only the regular priced items can be returned and not sale items , therefore all the goods in the website are under sale, that to with heavy discounts.


As we conclude it’s better to be aware while shopping and that to from such sites which can ruin our personal environment. And to be remember, most of the websites look similar like And for the above reason we list in our “Not recommended” section.

I hope we have cleared all your doubts. In case you have already made the payment we suggest you to contact your bank to refund the payment made and issues you a new card.