What is Altcoinclix.com? Is Altcoinclix Scam or Legit?

What is Altcoinclix.com? Is Altcoinclix Scam or Legit?

So you are looking to know about Altcoinclix .com? You are reading the right page or Altcoinclix review to know about it. There may be some questions troubling you. Questions like, is Altcoinclix Scam? Or is Altcoinclix Legit? Or is Altcoinclix Real? Or is Altcoinclix Fake? Altcoinclix is basically a PTC site. Its main working and earning is via advertiser. They provide space on their website to the advertiser and earn revenue. Member will also earn money by viewing the ads. Since earning via advertisement is not much, therefore, we do Not Recommend it. If you do not want to read the full article or review, then we can help you with that matter. We do not recommend Altcoinclix it is because there are many faults we have found on this website. It is not viable for anyone to earn much from this website. We cannot say it a scam website, it is because to declare a PTC website scam we need to watch it for a long period. The PTC website pays to its members but earning is not much. The time you invest in this website will be wasted. Therefore, we do not recommend this website.

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What is Altcoinclix.com Is Altcoinclix Scam or Legit

How does Altcoinclix work?

Altcoinclix is PTC site, which offers space to the advertiser. Their main earning is via providing space for advertisement to a myriad advertiser. Altcoinclix, on the other hand, offers its member some money for clicking and viewing the ads on its website. The main reason for not recommendation of this website is its low earning. You cannot earn much money on this website. It is because they offer 20+ ads on their website. Different ads have different amount marked. The range of earning money by viewing ads is $0.0005 to $0.001. You can see that it is not much amount that you will earn on this website. The time you invest on this website is way more worthy than the money you earn.

There are other different methods available on this website to earn money. For example, Altgrid, PTU, Offer walls etc. The one thing you must understand at this moment of time that is the money earned after using all the method on this website will not end up good. Therefore, many people get fed up with working on this website. In the beginning, they try hard to earn money through different methods and then earn money online. The company claiming on its website that you can earn up to $0.01 worth of coins for your clicks and $0.01 for every referral click. The referrals are majorly used to increase the traffic to the website and many people use it to increase their members. They in reward pay commission to its members. The members think earning via stated method is easy but it is not. It is because the referral will earn for you only when they are the active one. But they are not the active referrals. To get active referrals your referrals should also work hard. They are not working hard due to complex system and low returns. So, it is very hard for you also to earn money on this website.

The genuine websites never hide. They provide all the information about them. They show the transparency in their working. This built trust among people. Credibility and trust of a company are built on the edifice of the transparency which is made of true information. Altcoinclix does not provide any information about its owner. They did not mention any name of any person on their website. They also hide their identity in the WHOIS records. This is the most common feature of scam website. Scammers did not reveal their identity to its members. It is because they do not want to get caught by the authority people in case of cheating.


Altcoinclix is a PTC website, it is Not Recommended by us. The reasons and discrepancies are discussed in details. Avoid this website in the beginning. Beware always about such website and also beware others in your social circle. These websites take the advantage of people innocence and ignorance. So spread the buzz about such website so that people will not become a victim of such websites.

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If you have any doubt about Altcoinclix website please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.