Want to earn money? Then try ACOP

Is American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) a Good survey site?

We daily spend number of hours in our mobile phone. While most of us spend useless time over it. While thanks to all the companies like American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) which pays you money for claiming your opinions. You might be wondering whether such a company exist or not? Whether ACOP is scam or not? In this review we will discuss all the points.

ACOP is Scam or Real?

What is American Consumer Opinion?

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) can be found at acop.com. It is an pine paid survey panel which pays people to share their opinion. It is market research company which is run by its parent company Decision Giant Corporation. ACOP has its headquarters in 451 Queen St Niagara falls. Primarily there are some large companies which require feedback and opinions from their customers about the products and service they serve.

American Consumer Opinion is most oldest and well known get paid to survey site. Till date, the website counts it’s members more than 6 millions worldwide. Being 20 years older ACOP is well known for its credit ability.

How to join American Consumer Opinion?

Some large companies when wish to get the feedback of its customers for the products and services they provide then they contact to some market research companies like American Consumer Opinion. Such companies in return get them the members who fit to conduct the survey.

Luckily, joining ACOP is absolutely free and there are no particular charges which the user has to incur with. During your joining you just need to sign up using your email address and hence answer some of the raised questions honestly. A couple of questions like age, gender, employment status, details of family members, whether you own a car, annual income, etc. Once this is done you will be a member of ACOP therefore that doesn’t mean that you can start taking survey that very moment. You need to wait for the email up gradation whether you qualify for a survey or not.

How much you earn?

American Consumer Opinion pays you in points. Short and compact surveys consume upto 10-20 minutes and fetch 5-50 points while long surveys take up-to 20 minutes and brings between 100 and 5000 points. Every points means a penny.

How to make money?

There are precisely 4 ways in which you can earn money through American Consumer Opinion (ACOP).

  1. Testing of products: In such a case the company send some of the products to be tested by the consumers. So American Consumer Opinion will send you a physical product and you have to send them a feedback. A big rise in this is that you will earn nearly $50 to $300. And sometimes they allow you to keep the product by yourself. But such a case happens rarely.
  2. Online surveys: There are two types of surveys which are held by this company. Normal surveys take upto 10 to 15 minutes and you’ll earn 50-500 points. While screeners are comparatively short surveys which take a couple of minutes to complete and will fetch you 5-50 points.
  3. Affiliate program: Well American Consumer Opinion has an affiliate program where you are able to invite referees. You will $1 for every person that sign up using your referral code.
  4. Review ads: With the help of this company you will be able to earn money through ads review. You will be given some ads and you will required to give feedback about the pros and cons of the advertisement that catches your eye.

What are the payout methods available?

First and foremost you need to have at least points in order to get cash out. Every point counts one penny. American Consumer Opinion provides various payment method like Sweepstakes entries, Cheque, PayPal, Hyper wallet, and the only company which provides an option to donate your points to charity. In case of sweepstakes entries you can certainly enter into a contest where you can participate if you have less than 1000 points. Wherever this situation applies only for the residents of US.

Advantage of using American Consumer Opinion:

  1. Free: Joining ACOP is absolutely free and there are no further upsells. Survey companies which require money for you to be a member are 99% fake.
  2. BBB rating: The parent company of American Consumer Opinion has a A+ rating on Better Business Bureau.
  3. Greatest credit ability: The company is in existence since 1986 and if they were not taking much care of their members then they would have been a night fly company. Therefore it has greatest longevity.
  4. Low payout limit: Most of the companies require hundred of dollars for threshold for cash out. While ACOP requires just $10 for payout which is in reach.


  1. Few survey opportunities: As this is the very common problem with all the survey sites. Same is the acse with ACOP.
  2. Delay in payment: There are many complaints hovering over the internet about

American Consumer Opinion that there is  delayed payment. Some people received their payments after a long time period of three months.

  American Consumer Opinion is scam or legit?

As the company has great longevity and privacy protection therefore it is marked legit and trustworthy survey site. Therefore a single down fall is the low potent of income as you just waste your time. As ACOP is a legit site but we still do not recommend it because if you totally depend on such a site you will not be able to run your household.

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