App Flame Review: Is App Flame good For Making Money?

Hello friends, we know that you are looking for App Flame review. Like we were also introduced to this app. We all find it exciting to play and earn money. This is exactly the working of App Flame.

We know it is not much simple as it seen. There are much to tell about this app. Still, in the market, it is not the only app that works like the way they are working.

If you are not curious to know the reasons behind our recommendation and want to read jus the crux then we can do that.

Actually, the working of the app is simple but they recommend the games and you play them and get rewarded in mCoins. This app can be legitimate or cannot be it is because we have seen both kinds of complaints (positive as well as negative),

We do Not Recommend this app as the money you will earn is not worthy of your time. Still, you want to play or earn that your decision. But we want to make you clear that there are other sites available on the internet in which if you work diligently then you will earn good money.

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What is App Flame Is App Flame Scam or Legit Is App Flame Real or Fake App Flame Review, App Flame

What is App Flame? How does it work?

App flame basically is an app that promotes different games and claims to pay its members to use those games which they are promoting.

They also claim that they provide you with games according to your interest and by observing your habit or usage.

In reality, they are providing every kind of games and most basic things is that games available in the market are the same and not different. Therefore, it does not matter, their system seeing your habit or not, they recommend you the games like other sites or app do.

You can start here by downloading and signing up. This app is free and anyone can join it and earn with them. Even though they also truthfully said that rewards were not big but it is better to have something than nothing.

It is true but our point is that does it worth your time? It is when other options are available on the internet.

Once you start playing the games recommended by this site, you also start earning or collecting coins (mCoins). Their coins are known as mCoins. You can later exchange these coins with the real rewards. This is the basic way of working on this app.

Not only the coins and rewards, you can earn by referring this app to your friends or people in a social circle. It is known as making referrals.

This strategy is used by almost every site to popularize their site and since this way you are promoting their site, they pay commission to its members.

Generally, legit sites, app or company only pay when there is some kind of sale or when member bring some kind of business. If there is not business then those company that still paying turned into scam after some time.

It is because of a simple reason that if a company is not earning any revenue then how they pay commission to its members. People can say that they can use their advertising money to pay. But this happened only with big companies and not with others.

How to earn mCoins?

  1. First, you have to download their recommended game app (which is free) and play it for a while.
  2. For each game which you play, you will earn mCoins. The no. of coins depends upon, how actively you are playing the game. It is obvious that more the coin greater will be the reward.
  3. Exchange the coins with the reward of your choice. It can be real money or a gift card for Amazon, Google Play and more.

App flame claims that they are offering you the highest payout in relative to their competitors or contemporaries. It might be true or not be. We are not discussing it, it is so because there are some cons we find out against the app.

Cons of App Flame

  1. Owner information: we do not know who the maker of this app is. The company name under which this app is registered is “App Flame Company”. We were not able to know about the owner. If any of you know then please tell us then we can accept your mistake. But for now, we do not believe on those site, company or app in which owner information is not available, especially when company, app or site dealing in money.
  2. Complaints; it is true that we find mix type of complaints. Some people do get their share of the money. But some common complaints we saw were regarding the members who had spent more than one month.

People are receiving rewards but only in the beginning. After a one-month time, people are not receiving their rewards. Some complaints that their coins are no display on their dashboard. Other complaints are regarding non-payment.

This show that it might possible that this app turns into scam after some time if these complaints are not resolved. It is so because this is the way scammers also work. They pay initially and later they stop paying to its members.

  1. Earning is low: you are just getting a reward and there is not much money involved. In our opinion, it is totally a waste of time.

On the internet, there are many options available to earn good money which you can use to play other real and good games. Instead of promotional games.


It is a very dubious site and we cannot claim its legitimacy. Initially, it is paying to its member and we do not have any doubt about it. But it is possible that after spending much time using this app might not reward you as per your work. We do Not Recommend this app due to the reasons we have explained above.

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If you have any doubt regarding the App Flame please share it with us. We will be glad and it will be our pleasure to help you.

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