Wish to earn online money? Appdown Review

Wish to earn online money? Appdown Review

There are various ways which renders different opportunities to the people who are in search of ways to earn money online. Some of these occasions of earning are taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, handyman jobs, working as a freelance writer and many more.  Some of the companies stand by their promises while others shatter their claims in a way that they never meant to them.

One such an opportunity that we came across is Appdown which is identical to some sites like CashPirate, Cash Alarm, etc.

Appdown allows its members to fetch rewards by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, playing games and much more.

In this article we will try to remove all your doubts. We will cover all the major prospects in order to prove the legitimacy of Appdown.

Wish to earn online money? Appdown Review

What is Appdown?

Appdown has a mobile application which helps people to fetch rewards and earn money by finishing various simple and easy tasks. You can even get gift cards in exchange of the rewards you earned.

The application Appdown is accessible for the people worldwide. Even users of both Android and iOS can download the application from either Google Play Store or App Store.

Some of the tasks consisting in Appdown are flourishing as taking participation in some of the marketing investigation studies, watching videos, finishing offers, installation of applications and playing games.

In the initial sight the applications seems to be an amazing opportunity but after that we are continuously figuring the scam sites it’s very obvious to become skeptical. Such of these scam sites have major payment issues.

Like other scam sites Appdown have so many complaints piled up against their payment. If we stand by the Terms and Conditions of the Appdown then it is clearly mentioned that the company is not responsible for payments. Hence they are not the guarantor for payments to any of the user.

Therefore we do congratulate you all for taking an initiative towards your safety. Hence it is utterly important to understand the risk and wastage while using such scam sites which can cause disaster to one’s life.

How Appdown does tend to work?

What exactly Appdown do is that it connects you with various survey sites and marketing research companies. It’s operating the same way as GPT sites works.

Firstly you need to download the application. I mentioned above that Appdown is available for both Android and iOS users. Therefore you can install the application from either Google Play Store or App Store.

After completing the installation you need to register using email address, Facebook account or Google. The registration is quite simple and no round-about is given.

Your first sign up in the application will fetch you 20p only if you pursue an invitation or referral code.

Therefore we advise you read all the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy listed by the company. Even calculate the exchange value. In my calculation Appdown pays nearby $0.33 for 1000 points.

Ways to earn points:

  • Taking Surveys: Currently Appdown is providing only two surveys platforms namely Peanut Labs and Pollfish.

Usually surveys vary from 5-20 minutes. And mostly such surveys fetch you less than $2 of the points. While at times people gets annoyed by several disqualification.

  • Downloading apps: This section allows you to earn money by installing different applications and playing games. Though the offers depend on the country you reside in. Sometimes you may find very less occasions to fetch money in your country.

While if you wish to earn a decent amount but all such apps require their members to make a deposit before their use. Hence it is not advisable to pay for those service or products which do not guarantee their return.

  • Watching Videos: This section allows the members to earn money for watching the advertisement videos. Each video you watch fetch you 5 points.
  • Inviting Friends: Fortunately Appdown provides referral program to their users. After your referral uses your invitation code you will receive 25% of his earnings i.e. points. If you want to double your referral commission you will have to deposit £99 to Appdown.


  • You can sign-in on a daily basis which will bring bonus in your account.
  • You can redeem your payments via PayPal which is the most reliable source of payment or you can also exchange these points with gift cards.
  • The minimum threshold to be reached is just $2.
  • You will receive 25% of the earnings of your referral.


  • You will get disqualified frequent times.
  • The income potential is very low.
  • If you want to double your commission with 50% then you must pay £99 as deposit to the company.
  • The availability of the offers depends on the country you reside in.
  • An advertisement ad will start automatically the moment you log in.


The redemption options will depend totally on the country you live. For withdrawing your collected points firstly you should tap on the account named with balance which is located on the top right corner. In this you have to select the residing country. In case your country is not mentioned in the list then you should probably choose “Worldwide”.

For instance; if you wish to withdraw the points via PayPal then you need to accumulate 6000 points in order to exchange them for $2.

Therefore you can redeem the points in exchange of $10 iTunes gift cards for 31500 points.


After considering Appdown we can conclude that the company is not playing fraudulent. However you should be very much prepared about the policies of Appdown.

Appdown has stated in their Terms that they do not guarantee about the status of points. Therefore the users should expect for receiving risk in their way of earning.

Hence we do not suggest Appdown to any of our user.

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If you are hovering with any confusion or doubt then feel free to contact us by dropping a comment in the section below.