What is Arab-oilcorps.com? Is Arab Oilcorps Scam?

What is Arab-oilcorps.com? Is Arab Oilcorps Scam?

Are you curious about Arab-oilcorps.com offers? You have arrived at the right page to get the answers of all your queries. In this Arab-oilcorps Review we are going to solve some queries like, is Arab-oilcorps Scam? Or is Arab-oilcorps Legit? Or is Arab-oilcorps Real? Or is Arab-oilcorps Fake? There are myriad HYIP sites working on the internet. They provide very huge returns to its members which is not viable for any company to be sustainable for long time. But due to high returns many people invest their money. Initially the company may pay but in long run the member did not gain any benefits. If you do not want to read the full article about Arab-oilcorps, then we can lower your burden. In a nutshell, we do Not Recommend Arab-oilcorps website because it is working on the Ponzi scheme. In Ponzi scheme the companies pay to its existing old members from the investment made by new members. It is illegal in many countries around the world and unethical also.

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What is Arab-oilcorps.com Is Arab-oilcorps Scam or Legit Is Arab-oilcorps Real or Fake Arab-oilcorps Review Arab-oilcorps

How does Arab-oilcorps?

Arab-oilcorps claims to be growth oriented energy company that focused on environmentally sustainable heavy oil production of oil sands. The company’s initial commercial projects are located in Dubai and other countries. Now, Arab-oilcorps is developing their properties by using unique and environmental friendly extraction process. The company is mainly dealing in oil extraction. The company did not provide any details of their extraction process or their unique process which assure people that they are the real company. There are other many discrepancies we have found in this website and explained in below in coming paragraphs.

The root of any investment company is based on the solid foundation i.e. their investment plans. The investment plans of Arab-oilcorps are very lucrative and profitable from every angle. They are providing 250% interest after 1day on their first investment plans where minimum deposit is $1 and maximum deposit is of $5. There are other various investment plans offered by Arab-oilcorps but the top most plans is of 1050% after 5days on the minimum deposit of $100 and maximum deposit of $1000. We are mentioning other investment plans here because all of them vary between 250% and 1050% interest on different maximum and minimum deposit. In totality, there are 6 investment plans offered by this company. The rates are very high and huge returns are guarantee by the company. Investment market is volatile in nature and guaranteeing return is the bogus claim that anyone can make. Investment plans are always subject to market risk but this company is not mentioning it. It means they are providing surety only by words and not by any legit document. It is not wise to invest your hard earned money in this website which got no future.

The company affiliate program is also very lucrative. They are offering 10% commission to its members. The condition to avail affiliate program benefits is that only regular members who have active deposit can participate in their affiliate program. The affiliate programs are used by the websites to increase their website traffic that helps them to earn revenue. Since, members use their time and resources in making referrals. The company pays to its members. The only difference between genuine website and Arab-oilcorps is that genuine website pay very low commission, sustain for long period and pay to its members regularly. Contrary to genuine website Arab-oilcorps are paying 10% commission on every referral which is rubbish. The company investment plans are making the company unsustainable but their affiliate programs make them non-viable and non reliable as an investment company.

The company did not provide their owner details on their website. They also guarded their details in WHOIS records. They are purposely hiding the details and strategically did not provide their any information. They made, their investment plans so lucrative that people not even think about the company authenticity. Their credibility as an investment company is not good since their transparency level is zero. Can you trust a company which is offering dreams to people? Yes, they are offering dreams because their claims cannot be complete in real world.


Arab-oilcorps is not a good investment company where you should invest. There might be a possibility that company is paying to its members but believe us after sometime when company got sufficient money from the public then they will run away. You cannot be able to catch them because they did not share any information about them. There are many HYIP sites listed in our Not Recommend list which after some time turned into scam website. We do not recommend Arab-oilcorps website and advise our members to keep distance from this website.

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If you have any doubt regarding Arab-oilcorps website then please share it with us, by dropping your valuable comment in our comment box.