Is Ariix a Scam? Company working under Pyramid Scheme or not?

Hello friends, we are going to review another MLM Company named Ariix. In this Ariix Review, we will find a lot about this company.

Like you and many others, we also came to know about this site through different channels, especially social media. Is Ariix a Scam? Most of you are searching for the answer to this question.

Before starting our review and provide you the answer to the stated question. We want to really appreciate your efforts to do your own research before joining this site. This way you do not allow anyone to scam you.

MLM Companies are not new, their model of working is very simple. Companies instead of wasting money on advertising their product, sell their product directly to the consumer via their distributors.

This way it helps people to earn money and they also got a good base for the consumer as well as the line of distributors. Now, it will be easy for you to understand the working of Ariix. So, let us begin our review:

Disclaimer: we are not associated with Ariix in any way. Therefore, we are not prejudiced about this site. We are neither in support nor in against. We are providing our opinion based on our research, facts, and the company overall working.

Company: Ariix

Cost: $29.95 + other

Founder: Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, Deana Latson, Harry Zhand, and Ian Chandler.

Scam: No

Recommended: No

Brief: Ariix Company deals with the variety of products that touch the different subject like skin care, nutrition and other related to health. Their founders are well-known people and they have good experience in their field of work. Ariix is not a scam site. It is a pretty much legit site. They are working as an MLM company about which are going to discuss in our article in detail. But for short, we do Not Recommend this site and the reasons are listed below.

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Is Ariix a Scam Company working under Pyramid Scheme or not

What is Ariix?

Ariix is an MLM Company which deals in products related to health. Its founders were earlier related to another MLM Company Usana. On their site, you will see a header where they have written “The Opportunity Company”.

It was founded in July 2011 by Fred Cooper, Mark Wilson, Jeff Yates, Riley Timmer, Deana Latson, Harry Zhand, and Ian Chandler. Now, they have expanded their work to 12 countries.

People generally, though that Ariix is a company with Pyramid Scheme which is an illegal scheme with almost similar working like MLM Company. Its high failure rate and other points also mark question upon company working.

From our experience and knowledge, we can say that it is not a scam nor working on a pyramid scheme. Why it has a high failure rate? We will touch this point later in the article.

In a pyramid scheme, companies try to make more recruit rather than selling their products. It is the most general and important point of the pyramid scheme companies. Other factors which also count are a product, quality, the cost of the product and its support system.

Ariix Product Line:

Ariix has 6 product line. All of them serve a different purpose to one another. Product line.

  1. Nutrifii – Health Supplements
  2. Slenderiiz – Weight Management
  3. Puritii – Water Purification
  4. Reviive – Body Care
  5. Prime – Essential Oils
  6. Jouve – Skin Care

What is good about Ariix is that it has a good product line in its basked with the people who were already proved their worth in this market via their hard work. Their business system is totally legitimate and they also provide an opportunity for people (obviously, being an MLM Company they are recruiting people to earn money).

Why we still do not recommend it? Answer of high failure rate

It is because of the very simple fact that having a great business opportunity and making it successful is two different stories. People who have experience in sales and online marketing can sell this product and also earn very good money.

But people who are new (newbies) and do not know this site is not for them. There are many things about which they should learn first before start working for this site.

People who do not new anything about the working of online marketing see it a great opportunity and they enroll themselves by paying fees. MLM Companies does not provide an efficient method to earn money online.

They did not have good and elaborative plan to make its member stand the market and how can they really earn good money.

It is not shocking for us when we saw, more than 90% of failed in their pursuit to earn money. It is simply because they take the job based on a few general points. First, they know many people to which they can sell their product or to whom they can recruit easily. This way people begin to use their social circle.

Soon the list gets saturate and they do not have any new people to whom they can sell the product. Actually, some relatives are very supportive. They help the person to start its working. Therefore, in the beginning, many people earn money.

As the time passes and the list gets saturated, their earning also get affected. They were not able to earn much now. They lose motivation and then stop working further. This is the second reason.

Since you are not earning any money you lose interest and you did not motivate people downline. They also lose the interest and stop working. They also go from those difficulties from which you went. It is not helpful in any way. These are the few main reasons behind the high failure rate and why we do not recommend this site.

This site is not much help in your pursuit to earn money. If you can then you should work on this site. Before that lets us see its compensation plan.

Ariix: Compensation Plan

In MLM Companies generally, there are two methods to earn money or commission.

First, you can sell the product in retail and earn the retail commission. Second, you can make new recruits downline and earn commission for it.

To become Ariix distributor and earn money from its Activ8 Compensation plan, one has to generate at least 15 points of Ariix product. It can be done in two ways: first by purchasing the product for self-use or selling the product and second by purchasing the pack.

Each and every product has points linked to them. The lowest value starter pack is Nutrifii member pack. It cost $217.95 and you will get 150 points for it.

To be eligible to earn the commission you have to be an active member. To be an active member you have to earn 150 points every month.


Ariix is not a Scam site. It is a legitimate MLM company, which is dealing with different product line related to health. As the health sector is not small. There are many members in the market still there is enough room for many players to enter and earn money. From an opportunity point of view, if you are an expert in online marketing then you can work on it. If you are not then this site is not for you. There are many other ways by which you can earn money online and also, at the very genuine rate.

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If you have any doubt relating to working of Ariix or any other site then please ask us. You can write your doubt in our comment box. We will be glad to help you.