Need assistance in household chore? AskForTask Reviewv

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Recently we came across an amazing application namely AskForTask. The application is a great way to get rid of all problems in your home. The application is quite handy and easy for use according to the claims of the Company.

Still all these stated claims do not come to be true. There are many similar sites which play fraud with the emotions of their members.

Hence in this article we will grab all the corners of the Company from various sources and will discover whether AskForTask is legit or scam.

Need assistance in household chore? AskForTask Reviewv

What is AskForTask?

AskForTask is a company which provides people with approachable and frivolous services instead of choosing high value workers.

The company is absolutely amazing as you can hire small services to big one like cleaning, repairing, moving stuff from here and there, etc.

This online working panel was found by two Pakistani-Canadian brothers namely Nabeel Mushtaq and Muneeb Mushtaq. The company was based in Canada 1n 2012.

Till then the Company has been featured in many well known sites like CNN, forbes, The Globe and Mail, BCC.

The application is available for both Android and iOS users. Hence AskForTask can be installed form Google Play Store or App Store. You can even browse the website at askfortask.com without any obstacle.

The company is great marketplace which allows people to earn extra money by becoming one of the Tasker at AskForTask. You will receive your money automatically once your task gets completed.

Presently the Company has its usage only for the residents of British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario, New York.

AskForTask Essentials:

  • For getting started as a Tasker for the Company you must be at least 18 years o age.
  • You must have a year experience of working as a cleaner or an assistant.
  • You must pursue good communication skills in order to provide satisfactory customer service.
  • You must owe a Smartphone which high speed internet.
  • You must have straight forward attitude towards your work.
  • You must read all the instructions with utter attention and focus.

How AskForTask does tend to work?

Firstly you will be required to apply for a job. Remember that you must be an experience holder of at least one year. But if you wish to do miscellaneous tasks then there is no requirement for an experience. Before accepting you as a Tasker the company will go through a criminal check of your background. The company has an eye for those worker who are enough responsible to complete their work with complete customer satisfaction.

After you are selected you will be solely responsible to select your working conditions and the areas where you wish to work. You can also organize the timings and fix the date according to your convenience with the client.

There are various tasks which AskForTask refer their Taskers. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • There are some artwork which consists of interior or exterior and even both.
  • The company offers cleaning and mopping tasks for residence or workplace.
  • There are fixing, repairing, inspecting tasks commonly known as plumbing includes Faucets, Toilets, and other fixtures.
  • There are Handyman tasks like Flooring, Dry Wall and Framing, TV Mounting, Furniture Assembly, Hanging Frames, Curtains and Blinds, Repairing and changing Knobs and Locks, etc.
  • If you are interested in working as an Electrician then there are plenty of tasks like Appliance Installation, Ceilings and Bathroom Fans, Outlets, HVAC, and other electrical tasks.
  • If you are not an experience holder then you can opt for miscellaneous tasks like receipt filing, event help, data entry, lawn mowing, stand in queue, distribute flyers, etc.

You must download the application in order to receive all the available tasks which are near 30km of your area.

Being a Client:

In case you need assistance with your household chores or office work then AskForTask is the suitable platform.

For booking a worker you must sight the website of the company and provide relevant details like address of your residence, email address, contact number, date, and type of the task.

The Company will provide you an approximate value of the cost you need to bear.

For instance the company claims that if you are in requirement of cleaning services then the cost are as follow on an hourly basis:

  • On a weekly basis: $29
  • On Biweekly basis: $30
  • On Monthly basis: $31
  • Single time : $32

This estimator is such a relief as you can calculate your budget accordingly. The clients are not in charge of the materials for your work.

How much does company charge?

Joining is absolutely free but for the proper verification you will have to deposit $59.99 to the company. This is one time investment and you don’t have to deposit them directly to the company. AskForTask will minus $59.99 from your earnings. This amount includes your quick introductory check and the AskForTask t-shirts. The t-shirt offered consists of a logo with AskForTask on it. Hence its compulsory to wear those t-shirt while you are working.

How much can you make with AskForTask?

Earning part is totally based on your abilities and talents. Being new to the company you will receive fixed amount on an hour basis.

For instance:

  • Cleaning: $18 – $22 (per hour)
  • Painting/ Handyman/ Electrical/ Plumbing: $34 – $30 (per hour)
  • General help: $15 (per hour)

You can even get the tips from your clients if they are impressed by the service you rendered. The Taskers will get their tips directly in their AskForTask account.

If you want to enhance you’re earning with AskForTask then you should concentrate more on growing your ratings because the clients seek those workers who have higher ratings. People who have inferior ratings seem more dubious and irresponsible. Therefore you should focus on improving your ratings which will lead you to more ways.

Some tips to improve ratings are:

  • Take your working on time and always show up on time.
  • Show a positive attitude.
  • Always leave your working place with total satisfaction.
  • Always keep the necessary requirements with yourself.
  • Remember to wear your t-shirt will you are working as this improves the trust of clients on you as strangers.


The company AskForTask opts for only cash deposit as their payment method. The company transfers your payment in your account on every Monday and Thursday of the week. Thus the payments can be tracked in the AskForTask application.


The company is absolutely legit. Though there are some of the negatives points which have come up on the internet but no complaints resist that the company has safety issues.

The company has set a rule that any worker who receives less stars than 3.7 then he/she will be suspended.

After reading all the reviews against the company we cannot consider it to be the best. Hence we do not prefer any of the readers to opt for AskForTask.

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If you are hovering with any confusion and queries then kindly feel comfortable in dropping comment in section below. Experience holders are most welcome to share their opinions and views.


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