Review: Beware of this Scam! is a fake online shopping portal that claims to sell genuine LG products at heavily discounted price. Being a 100% fraud site, its real intention is to steal personal details like credit and debit card information and other personal data. Online experts believe that the site is backed by cyber criminals who hack such information in the name of selling LG products. Above all, does not possess legitimate trade license or right to sell the brand’s products online. At the same time, LG has also not given permission to sell its products through this site.

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  How Works?

If you visit, you shall be amazed to see LG products available at mind-blowing discounts. You will also find that the site claims to provide shipping service at 80% discount. Things available at $690 in the market, costs around $150 only in this site. Seeing such lower prices, people end up ordering their desirable LG items. They also share debit or credit card information while purchasing it online. After this, customers either receive cheaper products or don’t receive anything at all. Their money goes into the drain as they don’t find any means to contact the site.
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Why is it a Scam?

  • New Online Portal Offering Unusually Higher Discounts– Whenever a new online site enters into the market, it has to pour in high investments. In such a scenario, is it possible to offer branded products like LG at 80% or more discounts? The scam site even waves off 80% shipping charges. Now the question is how it can offer such high-quality LG products (which it claims to) at such lower prices. Even the legitimate shopping sites fail to offer such discount rates during sales (forget usual times).
  • Poor Quality Products– Most customers who have ordered LG products from have received cheapest quality commodities, which in no way belong to LG brand. As the site is based in China, people receive the lowest quality Chinese products. The main intention therefore stands exposed, i.e. to steal personal information in the name of delivering virtual shopping experience.
  • Failure to Deliver Products– While some customers don’t receive authentic LG products, others (who form the majority) don’t even receive the product. Despite paying for it, it does not get delivered at all. At worst, when people try to contact the support staff, they don’t see any such option. As a result, they lose their hard-earned money by falling into Auate trap.
  • No Customer Contact– It is quite clear that people who order LG products cannot contact the site. But, what about others who want to inquire about the products, service quality, delivery time, etc? Even they are left in the dark as the site does not feature any Customer Contact portal at all. Neither has it had any chat box nor any email id or phone number. It only excites audience with beyond-the-limit discounts and never shows up.

The site also never reveals any information about its owners, management, etc. It never gives any official statement. Here, everything happens behind the walls, without anyone’s knowledge.


All the above reasons are strong enough to prove that is not just a scam, but a crime in itself. People who have tried to purchase LG products from this site are highly dissatisfied with its performance.

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