UK Mobile Promo Lottery , It is a Scam UK Mobile Promo Lottery , It is a Scam

You are reading this article it means you want to know about In this review, we are going to talk about the fraud it is making. If you ever got any kind of email which tell you that you have won a lottery then it is a scam. It is very usual business for scammer to lure people by sending them an email regarding lottery. In the beginning we are going to clear something about the Amubo site. It is totally a scam site. No one has ever won any lottery till date on this site. The mail you have got is fake and bogus. They send the email in the name of big companies like Coco-cola. One thing you should understand that giant company like Coco-coal does not need to get survey and make someone win a lottery. It is the work of Scammers who use this trick to loot people. If you see the site by yourself, then you will immediately understand that this site is fake. In this Aumbo review, we are going to answer some of the most important questions that people ask. The questions like, is Scam? Or is Amubo Legit? Or is Real? Or is Amobu Fake? This article is going to provide you the insight of the site and who it works? People can save much money by being aware of the scam sites because you will not lose your hard earned money on this site.

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What is,Is Scam or Legit, Is Real or Fake, Review,

Can you win a lottery without taking part in a lottery or without buying a ticket? You may be thinking that we are out of our mind. How this can be happen? We also know that it is not possible. People got emails which declare them the winner of some kind of lottery but they did not question them. They just simply believe them and start contacting the people about it. It is not possible to win a lottery without buying a ticket. This small thing is not understand by many people around the world. They get scammed due to their greed. They do not even think for a second that how they will win a lottery when they did not participated in it.

This is not a new style to loot people. Actually it is very old. There are many cases happened in the past where people get scammed like this. People fall into their trap because they only saw the amount they have won and the company name. They did not try to understand that some body is cheating them. They believe that god has answered their prayers and it is their luck that they won a lottery. But unfortunately they have to pay a very high price of their thinking. Greed is one of the human natures and all over the world people know that greed is bad for them. Still, people fall into the scam like the Amobu. The amount scammer’s show to the people is very huge. Which people make people partially blind to question back the company about their legitimacy? They did not question them in a fear of losing the money. Scammer take the advantage of this and they scam people freely without giving any answer about their authenticity and legitimacy.

How do they operate and cheat people?

You may also know that information is very important tool in present digital world. Many hacker’s around the world are also trying to get the information or data from the big companies. Many people use the big data to analyses people behavior and other things by getting information. The site like this try to take the information of the people first and then try to use them for their own benefit. They sometime sells the information to anonymous party and earn very good profit. The sites try to get each and every bit of information of the people. They ask personal information like name, address, email id and financial details like credit card number, bank account etc. In short they want to get your every information. When people approach them via phone or email. They talk in such a convincing manner that no one will believe that they are cheating them.

Some people leave such site in the beginning or at the initial stage. But some greedy people get trapped in a hope to fulfill their daydreams. They were so much get into the company offer that they forget to understand that somebody can cheat them. They want to live in an illusion of winning a lottery. They did not use their mind in an objective manner and lose whatever they have with them in a pursuit to earn something big like this lottery. Scammer operating this site and such kind of scam ask people to send a check or pay a fees to receive their lottery money. They ask them to send money to complete the registration process or a process to clear their check. If the company is genuine why did not they cut the registration fees from the member money which they have won? It is because nobody has won anything on this site. They are just making false claims in their email.

The sample of the email is given below. It is taken from their official site.

uk mobile promo info


The Amobu is a scam site. No real person is working on this site. They are hiding their information. Information of the owner of the site and people operating the lottery is not present. Any person who is organizing any lottery need people participation with money. They will earn profit from their deposit but people did not try to understand this point. Since you did not buy any ticket of lottery then how will you win that lottery? If any person has provided their credit card details or any kind of financial information then immediately inform your bank or company to black your card and to save your money.

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