AZ Formula Review- A way to earn quick money or another scam?

We came to know about the AZ Formula. This site is on the internet that claims that they have the system which can help people to make $2000 per day.

‘Steven Cook’ is the owner of this site (as per their site claim), who has a great system that shows you how to earn $2000 per day as soon as today.

The only requirement is you have to become the member by paying $37. Now, all the work will be done by their “automated 1 click profit system”.

Since you are here we congrats you that you are using your wisdom not to indulge in any venture without knowing about it. Let start our review…

What is Az Formula Is Az Formula Scam or Legit Is Az Formula Real or Fake Az Formula Review, Az Formula

What Is AZ Formula?

It is nothing but a system that claims to help its members to earn $2000 per day by using their push button. It seems like the magic lamp of Aladdin. You have to just push the button and Jinni will take care of everything.

The working of the system is nothing but a e-commerce in which you will make money by selling the products on Amazon. They are not providing training for it. Instead, they claim that their system will take care of everything which is rubbish.

E-commerce is a very big market and the potential to earn money is also very big. But it is not as simple as it seems. It is a real way to earn money but their methods are unreal.

No automatic system can work for you to become rich. If that so then the owner of this site does not need to take $37 from people. He can easily earn very good money by using his/her system.

If he/she also want to work for society and want people to know their secret to earn money, they do not need to charge $37. They can provide it free of cost.

The training they claim to provide you is of not worthy as compare to their charges. What they are teaching in their training is already present on the internet for free of cost. We also believe that many people know about those things on their own.

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Upsells- the way to earn more from members

This quick earn money might not work for people but definitely, it is working for the system maker. They have many upsells on their site after joining the site which can turn into $494 charge on you. The first upsell is of the ‘Gold AZ Package’ whose cost is $197. The second upsell is ‘the Platinum AZ Package’ whose cost is $297. You can see on your own costly their training becomes once you join it.

Note: there is a company on the internet name ‘Wealthy Affiliate Company’. They are not a get rich quick site but help people to develop their skill and earn a fulltime online income. The best part is that Wealthy Affiliate has $47 per month charge with zero upsells. For more details about WA Please visit this link;

upsells of Az formula

We know having a upsells is not a bad thing but there are other genuine sites present on the internet that does not charge single upsells.

AZ Formula Cons

Dubious Owner information:

As per the company, Steven Cook is the owner of this site (which we have already told). It is good when any site shows the name and identity of their owner. It builds trust among people and member.

But as we saw the pic of the Steven Cook on the site, we know this is a stock pic. Stock pic is available on the internet for free of cost or one can buy it from the site. Using a stock photo is one of the features of the scammers or sites which are not good for any purpose.

Steven Cook ceoand founder of Az Formula

We cannot believe what is written on the site. It is because the identity of their own is not correct. Since the pic can be of any person. It means the name they are using might be fake and their claim of being a money-making guru have no credentials. Steven Cook can be anybody about whom we do not know.

Fake Sales Video with wrong testimonials

We have reviewed many sites online and by that experience, we can say that almost all scamming sites or sites that are not genuine, use fake testimonials and actors for their sales video.

Sales video is the one in which company explain their product and show members how others are earning and similarly you can also earn.

The problem with such testimonials is that they use fake testimonials and this has happened with AZ Formula also.

This ‘get rich quick system’ urge people to join them and earn thousands of dollars every-day as others are doing. In reality, no one is earning as per their claim. The people claiming they have earned are the paid actors who are just reciting the lines.

It also happens people are without knowledge saying those lines because they think these are their dialogue of the script and it is a demo script which can be anything.

The sales video show that their members are earning $10000 by using their system. The women present in the video is claiming to earn $11000 in weeks and all credit goes to AZ Formula. It is nothing but a lie.

We want to make it clear here that no one can make such a great amount of money on the internet using any kind of system. If it is then rich people will not invest their money in the real state, stock market and other things. They just simply buy this system and earn great money.

The AZ Formula is luring people. They know people want to become rich and that is also very quick. It does not happen in the real world. Yes, there are many people who become rich in the short time period but they have also risk their money and work very hard on their skill to build their empire.

Also, if this system is really making the money for people then why the company needs fake testimonials and actors for their sales video. People who are really become rich using the system will write on their own.

The only positive thing you found on this site is that this product is listed on the ClickBank site. It is a site which works as a third-party affiliate network site. You can have a 60 days money back guarantee. But there is no use to stick your money in some non-worthy product. Nowadays, ClickBank repo is going down as many scam products are listed on it which is not good for a reputed company like it.


AZ Formula is a Scam due to the reasons we have explained. It is not doubtful for us. We have seen many sites claiming a system with push button, therefore, it is one of those sites. It can also happen that this site is also created by the same people who created the earlier scam site.

They have hyped their claims and provided fake testimonials. They did not even provide the right identity of their owner. We never believe on those sites that do not believe in transparency, especially, those sites who are dealing in money.

Is this system work or not. We will say, ‘yes’ it is working but for the scammers not for the people. They are becoming rich by fooling others which is not a good way to earn money.

Beware of all those sites that claim to provide you a system or way to make thousands of dollars without any hard work. Keep a distance from this site and other similar sites. Also, aware people in your social circle about the working of scammers.

Do not get disheartened because there are many sites working online that help in real to earn a fulltime online income. The Wealthy Affiliate Company is one of them and it is also our one of the most recommended site. You can use their training programs and services to earn a very good revenue for yourself. To know more about the Wealthy Affiliate Company, please click the link given:

If you have any doubt regarding AZ Formula or any other site then please write to us. You can write your doubt in our comment box below. We will be happy to help you.

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