Obsessed with social media? Baagloo Review

With the expanding population the different ways of earning money is also taking their own pace. Some of the ways to earn money online is by taking surveys, completing offers, watching videos, installing applications, playing games, freelance writer, handyman jobs, etc.

Many of the sites and applications based on such ways tend to weaken the trust of people by claiming false claims. Thus, it tends to become necessary to do a proper investigation about such fraudulent sites.

Recently we came across an application namely Baagloo. This is an exclusive application which allows their members to earn money online by working through social media.

It’s completely surprising to fetch money via social media network. Hence we congratulate all the readers for taking their time for the welfare of the society and obstructing the ways of these scammers to enter in our world.

Therefore we promise to clarify all of your queries and reach the depth of Baagloo. Whether Baagloo is legit application or another scam?

Obsessed with social media? Baagloo Review

What is Baagloo?

This unique social media application pays their users for sharing articles, newscast, reporting stories, scoping announced events. Basically the members are been paid when their news, posts, stories are been liked or commented. Baagloo pays their members points which are known as baa-coins. If you already have Baagloo downloaded your mobile phone then by visiting the glooboard you can glimpse various posts updated by members of Baagloo.

The app Baagloo is completely free for usage. Baagloo is available for both Android and iOS users. Hence interested people can install the application from either Google Play Store or App Store.

In the near 2005 the Baagloo company websites was been featured in NewWatch. Basically as you might have heard NewWatch for the first time ever, therefore it supports new and exclusive applications and websites. While talking of Baagloo it’s a super powerful application which divides their portion with the local charities.

The whole procedure is quite lengthy. First the company will extract 1 baacoin from every member’s account once they accumulate 10 baacoins. Hence this process will occur every time when the user collects 10 baacoins. These baacoins are collected in a single account. With the ending of each and every month personages put a vote for their favored local charities. Depending on the majority of votes for a charity the amount to be donated will vary.

Once you collect enough baacoins you will 0allows to redeem them via PayPal.

How Baagloo does tend to work?

Initially you will need to install the application from either Google Play Store or App Store. After installation you will have to register yourself as Baagloo member. Remember that you cannot register using your Facebook id. You must create your email address. Hence you will have to provide the comp-any your initial name, last name, email address, and create a password.

Before logging inside Baagloo you will be required to verify your email address. Hence the confirmation send to you on your email address will contain a link which you need to click. Baagloo working is similar to other social media networking where you can show you interest in shopping, reviewing a story or knowing about an upcoming event.

If you are in the consideration of knowing an event you can immediately find the location where the event will take place and post the event on your account. For adding the location with event you must turn on your GPS in order to track the exact location.

Fortunately the application Baagloo is available for the people residing on a global basis. Hence anyone all over the world can install the app and stay earning money.

Charity process:

Firstly you will have to choose a charity from the list provided to you. This picking section is done at the moment when you withdraw your accumulated baacoins. The company claims to pay the balance amount to both you and the selected charity when you payout. If you wish to put a vote for your selected charity then you have to deposit $10 to the company.

As I have told before that this amount is collected in a single account and in the end of each month this amount is donated to various charities. In case your selected local charity doesn’t win majority votes then your 50% donated amount will be given to your selected charity and the rest 50% will be received by other local charities.

Earning money:

After becoming the member of Baagloo application you will exchange your knowledge of news, events, deals and contents like stories, advertisements etc on your account so that other member render a glimpse on your articles. If other users of the application likes, claims a comment or even shares your contents you will receive baacoins. The more people like, share or comments your posts the more you tend to earn baacoin. Even your earnings is also affected by a major factor i.e. what amount your promotions has raise.

You will not receive points immediately but they are added in your Baagloo account at the ending of each month from then you can cash out. In my observation 100 baacoins equals to £1.

For receiving you payments hassle free you must have a PayPal account. As we all know that PayPal is the most reliable source of payment.


  • There are lots of tweets for Baagloo in their favor and the love for the application.
  • Due to their willingness to help charities many advertisers are excited to promote them on the site.
  • As I told you that NewWatch has already featured on their site Baagloo because of their spirit to donate local charities.
  • Admiringly there are various responses of the users of Baagloo who have proofs of payments and they are quite impressive about the application.


The app Baagloo is completely safe for use. Therefore you can install the application for fetching its benefit. The app is a great social media platform which allows their users to earn money by sharing posts, stories and post events, sale in the nearest store, etc.

The best part about Baagloo is that each time members earns 10 baacoin the company keeps one baacoin and collects them in a single account. At the end of each month these baacoins are donated to local charities. Donating coins to charity is such a significant task.

Thus we suggest our readers to use Baagloo app.

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If you are hovering with any doubts or queries then please feel free to contact us by commenting in the section below.


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