Is it legit? Is it legit? is an online clothing and accessory store. It’s ‘about-us’ page declares that it’s for men specifically but the site is full of women’s clothing and accessories as well.

We will try to give an honest review about the site and its business with authentic customer feedback and the little information we have about it up till now as it is a relatively new platform.

Keeping your safety and wellbeing in mind, we really urge you not to engage with the website until you give a thorough read to our review here. Is it legit?

People who have ordered from them

Keeping all our suspicions aside, orders were made from the website and some products were also surely delivered which shows that it isn’t completely fraudulent. However, there are some people, as we have seen from their reviews on famed websites like TrustPilot, who have apparently ordered a range of some items from their website. None of them seem to be completely satisfied with the products they received. Some of them got so agitated by the response from’s customer care that they have pledged to take up the matter to the national press. Others complained receiving products that were completely different from what they ordered and the quality was said to be sub-standard. All of them faced difficulty in returning the packages back to the company. The return address on some of the delivered packages were from California while the one listed on the website is from somewhere in London. What’s surprising is that all of the complainants were asked to ship them back to China.

When we look at their Facebook page too, we find similar complaints only by more people. This website was launched only a couple of months before this article was written so these relatively large amounts of negative reviews don’ttestify to a good, trustworthy relationship with the clients.

The bottom-line is that the store does make deliveries but the quality of those products are apparently quite unsatisfactory to the customers. The latest of the reviews werenoolder than a day from when this article was written but the customers were still quite troubled over the substandard items they received and the behavior of the customer care too.


There seems to be no clue as to who owns this business. According to the people who have reviewed and their customer care, they are probably Chinese. The exact information regarding the proprietors is hidden and their identities are concealed. This really decreases a common user’s trust percentage when it comes to shopping online. Generally, people online only trade with businesses that are completely open to providing information regarding their operations so that they feel comfortable handing them their hard-earned money. fails to build this trust.

Protection offered by the website

The website security seems to be robust as there were no complaints regarding credit card or billing information theft from the buyers. It is designed on a secure http platform and the search engines also give it a clear pass with regards to security and safety.

The people who are giving feedback regarding this site on various platforms haven’t mentioned any discrepancies regarding their billing information or any sort of credit card or debit card theft.

Apparently, the only problem is that compromises on the quality of its products and sending them back for a refund is a headache.

So, it’s pretty much safe to say that isn’t technically a scam on the whole but if you’re still willing to spend a few extra bucks on their products to check them out despite reading all the reviews, who are we to stop you?