is a fake Online shopping Store!  

Online shopping is one of the most developing sectors in the globe today. Buyers spend a significant amount of money purchasing products from online stores. The industry accumulates billions of money in transactions each day.

There are very many online shopping sites that one can visit to get what they need. Some sites are good whereas some other sites are fake. Differentiating a real website and a scam is difficult. The general appearance for all these sites would look the same. is one online store we believe is a scam. Through this Bealoving review, we would show you why it is not a recommendable site. Also, we have a list of other websites which are a scam. You may need to check out our list to know which sites are scams. You can find it at      

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Wealthy Affiliate- Our No. 1 Recommended Company. is a fake Online shopping Store.

WHY IS BEALOVING.COM A SCAM? is a scam online shopping store which sells Electric Scooter, Snow Plow Robot, and Skateboard. It’s a scam since the majority of the buyers would buy products, pay for them and don’t get the products shipped. Once you spend the money, they do not give you an opportunity to enter your shipping details. It means the company is stealing from its clients. It gets paid to deliver the goods, but it does not ship the products to its clients.

How can you tell that is a scam?

There are many factors that are making the site seem to be a scam. It has provided trust seals which are not clickable. The trust seals assist a buyer to know whether a site is legit or not. The seals offered like the service checkout and satisfaction guarantee are not clickable.

The trust seals should be clickable to find out the site’s legitimacy. It should lead us to an official website where we can verify the legitimacy of the logos.

Having the unclickable logos shows that the site is using fake logos. proves to be a scam since it is offering limited contact information.

It has an email address, Contact Number which can be used to contact customer support. Buyers are complaining that the customer support does not respond to their queries. The contact information offered is insufficient to prove its legitimacy. doesn’t show the legal names of the company’s owner. Having the owner’s legal names, you can use to know how legitimate is the owner.

What to do if they Scam you?

If you can purchase from the site and you are not able to get the product, file a dispute with your bank. You can also contact the bank if the products are below the standards and efforts to get your refunds have proven difficult. Filing a case against through your attorney may assist to bring the culprits down.

 Final Verdict

The site is still new, and the impact is negative. is busy stealing from unsuspecting clients by not shipping their products. As an online shopper, you should be keen while making purchases. Conduct some research before purchasing any product from online stores. It would assist you to avoid the various online scammers.

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