BerryLook Reviews: Find Is Berry Look Scam or Legit?

BerryLook Reviews: Find Is Berry Look Scam or Legit? is a shopping website from Hong Kong, China, which offers a wide array of women’s clothes. It launched in 2017 and quickly sparked the attention of buyers, thanks to enticing offers, free shipping, and discounts. However, it was not long before some customers started claiming they had been ripped off. To be more precise, the reports that surfaced assert that the company is sending inferior products or no products at all.

This unfortunate turn of events casts a shadow of doubt over the novelty online provider. So, in the light of the testimonials, we present you a BerryLook review. The main goal is to separate hearsay from facts and give you a clear idea of what you can expect.

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Two Sides of The Coin:

At first glance, looks just like any modern shopping website. It is fairly well-designed and there are photos of thousands of pieces of clothes that look legit. Not only that, but products are mostly offered at more than affordable prices and with promo codes attached. Discounts range from meager 5% to whopping 80%.

There is also global free shipping on all orders that exceed €65.    While these benefits are not that unheard of, they always need to prescribe caution. Even more so in this case, considering that garments are advertised as top-notch, or “the latest fashion apparel” as the company itself puts it. We have to take this possibility seriously because frauds in the area of online shopping are rife. So, is BerryLook a scam that lures people with fake advertising and offers?

Well, some people claim that this is a legitimate shopping website with quality service. They received or at least they think they received exactly what they ordered. Alas, others beg to differ and compared to them, the five-star reviewers are few and far in between. Namely, many customers have shared their negative experience, writing things like: “This is the absolute worst business I have dealt with” and “Horrible business ethics”.

BerryLook Reviews Find Is Berry Look Scam or Legit

Can It Get Any Worse?

Interesting to note that these are not some isolated cases, but a reflection of a broader trend. Based on 1469 reviews, this website has a trust rating of 1/5 on Trustpilot, a reputable consumer review hub. Some customers warn that the quality is not what they expected and that shipping takes much longer than promised. Others simply say BarryLook is a fraudulent company. According to them, it employs deceiving return policies and delivers incomplete or even wrong packages.

To make things worse, further online research reveals that there is no information on who the owner is and the only address listed on the website is in Hong Kong. Email support is not working properly and their YouTube account practically lays dormant. The return policy is obscure, to say the least. These are all indications of a deliberate cover-up meant to set the stage for the moment when schemers disappear with customers’ money. So, you should consider yourself warned.

The Verdict:

Evidently, if you wish to do business with BerryLook you are doing so at your own risk and peril. The best case scenario is that you will get a low-quality item at a low price and when you expect it. What is more likely to happen is you will pay and then receiving nothing ever. A somewhat satisfactory (deceivingly trustworthy) service cannot make up for all the hard evidence pointing into the “scam” direction.

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