What is Neural.finance? Is Neural-finance Scam?

What is Neural.finance? Is Neural-finance Scam?

Are you searching about Neural.finance? You are reading the right article. Bitcoin market has emerged in recent past. Due to increasing price of bitcoin many people earn good money by investing in bitcoin. This process gave rise to the new investment market known as Cryptocurrency investment market. Since every kind of people live in this world. Some are good people and others are bad. Seeing the potential of new investment market many bad people opened website and offer high return to attract investors. Now, some question might strike in your mind like, is Neural.finance Scam? Or is Neural.finance Legit? Or is Neural.finance Fake? Or is Neural.finance Real? These are some general question usually arise when we think objectively. In this Neural.finance review we are going to provide the answers of all questions stated above. If you do not want to read further and need our assistance immediately then ‘we do Not Recommend Neural.finance, it is working on the phenomena of ponzi scheme’. In ponzi scheme company pay to its old registered members from the money deposit by new members.

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What is Neural.Finance Is Neural-Finance Scam or Legit Is Neural-Finance Real or Fake Neural-Finance Review, Neural-Finance

How does Neural.finance works?

An investment company built its edifice on the base of trust and credibility. Trust is build through transparency. The website does not provide any information of the owner. They did not even give any name of their experts on their webpage. We tried to know more about them but they have guarded their information in WHOIS records also. It means they are hiding their information intentionally. The hiding of information is very common among scam sites. Since people money is involved in this website. Therefore, to know about the owner and experts are the right of people. It is not wise to invest your money without clearing the doubts about the company.

The credibility is shown through authenticity of any company. Neural.finance has provided a registration certificate from the UK Companies Registration under the Company name: NEURAL IT LTD and the company number: 08187078 . It might give proof of authenticity but we found out that getting the registration from UK Companies is very easy and you can also acquire it by paying just 20GBP. The proof of having the credibility to work as an investment is not solid because many companies which we have already ‘not recommended’ has also acquire this registration certificate.

Neural.finance have very exciting and profitable investment plan and also for lifetime. They are offering four investment plans. Every plan is lucrative in nature. The range of investment plans interests are from 1.5% to 3% daily interest.  The numbers are good but impossible for any business entity to sustain for long period. These are not viable numbers and make their investment plan fake or non trust-able. The company will pay to its members but they have no plan to generate money through investment. They will pay to its member from the money invested by the new member and this is nothing but the working of ponzi scheme. If we assume this company is genuine and not working on ponzi scheme. It pay also regularly to its members then this company will soon going to collapse or declare itself bankrupt. On both scenarios only investor will be the victim.

They have very different affiliate program. The company affiliate program varies with the investment plan you chose. In the first plan they have only one level affiliate program. In the last i.e. the fourth investment plan there is 10 levels affiliate program. Websites usually use referral program to increase website traffic. It helps them to generate revenue and in reward they provide commission to people. The Neural.fiance is not selling any real product or services it means the only way from which company will pay you the commission from the investment made by the new member. This is not the right way to work. This is what we know as Hybrid Pyramid Scheme which is illegal in many countries. It makes Neural.finance Company unsustainable business model a non reliable company. This company has no future; therefore, it is futile to invest your hard earned money in this company.


We do Not Recommend this company and readers should also avid it. They are no good to anybody. They are here to make profit for them only. In starting they will pay but once they accumulate a descent amount of money they will shut their website off and run away with people money. Nobody will be able to catch them because they leave no trails. Do not fall in the trap of lucrative offers. They are just an attraction for investors. We should use our wisdom that no business entity can pay high interest daily and also forever. Earning money is the desire of everybody but shortcuts leads to only regrets.

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If you have still any doubt about Neural.finance please ask from us. You have just drop our comment in our comment box.