What is Biglogo.net? Is Big Logo Scam Or Legit?

What is Biglogo.net? Is Big Logo Scam Or Legit?

If you are searching on the internet to know more about the Biglogo.net, then you are reading a right article. In this Biglogo review, we will clear those entire questions which are disturbing your mind to work on this site. Before start work on any website, you should read the review on that website because if you will work with any scam site then you can lose your time and money. Do you need to clear few questions about Big logo before start work on this site like, Is Biglogo Scam? Or Is Biglogo Legit? Or Is Biglogo Real? Or Is Big logo Fake? And what is Biglogo and how does it works? If you want to know our short answer on Biglogo that we will suggest you, please make a distance from this website because Biglogo.net is a Scam website and they will never pay to their members. All claims of this website are totally fake. This site is already added to our Avoid Scam section. In our scam section, many other scam sites are already added which are the similar theme and similar working process at Biglogo.net. Few of them are, Hotlogo, Nicelogo, Piplogo etc.

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What is Biglogo.net Is Biglogo Scam or Legit Is Biglogo Real or Fake Biglogo Review, Biglogo

How do Big Logo works?

Big logo providing very easy job to earn money on their website. They claim that users can earn $0.3 to $1 doing very easy work on their website. if we talk about their work that it is very simple, they provide different companies logo to their users and users need to choose one of them to start their income. When you will start your work they will provide you 4 different logos with the same company and you need to give the rate of quality to these logos, select any 8 quality of these logos and your account will be credited with instantly $0.3 to $1 depends on your job. But if you will see very carefully or closer to all those 4 logos then you will find that there is no difference with them, they are similar on their founts and dimension then how can be anyone finds the qualities with these logos. There is only one difference are available on those 4 logos that they have a different color on each other, this is the only one difference with them and they are providing money for doing this simple work. Can you amazing that any legit site can pay for doing this simple work. The answer is no, But Biglogo claiming that they are giving up to $1 for doing this very easy work.

Biglogo gives you $5 bonus if you register or signup with them and $1 daily bonus also. Means if you will sign up with Biglogo then your account will credit $5 signup bonus and $1 daily bonus at the time of registration. They claim that users can earn $1 for each referral made by them and 30% daily income of their referral. Think where Biglogo pay this huge amount of money? They have no others sources of earning on their website then it is clear that they are making fool to their user and they will never go to pay them. So please make a distance from this websites.

If you want to contact Biglogo for any reason then where will you do? The answer is, you cannot contact them because Biglogo hide their information completely on their website, they did not share their information with their users. They also hide their identity in WHOIS records, It simply means, they have come for doing a big scam. All scam hide their identity and Biglogo is doing same. If they will not pay you then you cannot find them because you don’t know that who is the owner of this site? it is our advice to you that always read the reviews before starting the work on any websites.

If you see their statics which is given on their Project Statics section on their website then you will see that they are claiming that they have 74,434 users which are working on their project, and they have paid $36,435 for last month. This statics is very difficult to for any new sites; Biglogo is only 20 days old (at the time of writing article) then how can be it possible? Yes, it can be possible but in that case, if any website is very popular but in the case of Biglogo this is totally fake.

Big Logo making money themselves only not for their users, if you will sign up on this site then you will see that some google ads are running on their site, and they are making money with the help of these ads. They are offering these lucrative offers because they want to generate traffic on their website where they can make more money. Boglogo also sells the personal information of their users. It means they will ask you to share your details with them and after collecting a big data they will sell it for unknown people. Your financial details may be included and you can be looted by them.


We have described much reason to declare Big logo Scam. So don’t need to describe again. This site will never pay to their users; you will only lose your time any efforts to work on this site. So never comes into the trap of these types of websites. Please share this information on your social media to aware innocent people.

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If you have any question on your mind related BigLogo then please drop a comment in our comment box. we will be happy to help you.