What is BigMoneyPTC, Is Big Money PTC Scam?

If you are looking for Big Money PTC reviews in order to find out what is Big Money PTC? Is Big Money PTC Scam or Legit? And whether  Big Money PTC Real or Fake? then, you are on the right page. In this Big Money PTC review, We will discuss about background of Big Money PTC,  Big Money PTC payment proof, Big Money PTC complaints and more. If you do not want to read our full BigMoneyPTC review and want to  know answer quickly about Big Money PTC whether it scam or not, then our answer is that it is a SCAM site because it doesn’t pay to anyone. We also added this site in our “Avoid Scams” Section. If you want to know more about Big Money PTC then you can read our full Big Money PTC review as given below.


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What is Big Money PTC, Is Big Money PTC a Scam or Legit,Big Money PTC Review, Is Big Money PTC Real or Fake

What is Big Money PTC? Who is behind it?

Big Money PTC is a Paid to Click site which claims that you will earn money by clicking and viewing ads. There is no information in their website about who owns or run this website. More than that, they had registered their website privately to hide the owner details. However, Big Money PTC domain as bigmoneyptc.com was registered on 2009-05-02. Whenever a site does not provide owner details and trying to hide real identity then there is something wrong with them and that is the case with Big Money PTC.

Will you get paid from Big Money PTC? Never

Big Money PTC site is a fake site which claims to pay $1 per each click. They also offer $10 signup bonus. None of the legit site claim to pay $1 per click. Clixsense is one of the legit and best ptc site, but it only pay $0.02 maximum  for viewing an ad. When you reaches the minimum cashout limit which is $1000 and request for payment, They will not pay you. More than that, They will also say that you need to upgrade your account to receive payments. There are lots of complaints form Big Money PTC members for not getting the payments.  They also have a payment proof section, But all payment proof are fake. They are showing payment proof because people think site is legitimate and paying and people will join the site.

Site is Unsustainable, They are offering fake click rate. PTC site make revenue by selling advertisement. In their site, they are selling 1000 link ad hits for $5. They are paying $1 on each ad click, so it will take only 5  ad clicks to cover $5, so now who will pay $995 for other 995 ad clickS? Obviously, no one.  So it proves, They can’t afford click rates as high as $1 by selling advertisement. They also offer 50% from referral earning, they can offer any thing they want but they will never pay to you.


Big Money PTC is a SCAM site and it does not pay to anyone. These type of sites always open to scamming people and to make money themselves. So stay away from this site and don’t waste your time. If you want to save your time and effort and want to work in good sites then you can find those sites by clicking this link onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities


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  1. Thank you. I was in this page since yesterday and I started to doubt about the high amount of the cliks, sounds too good to be true. I prefer to stay filling surveys or something like that.

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