What is Bitbattle.biz? Is Bitbattle Scam or Legit?

What is Bitbattle.biz? Is Bitbattle Scam or Legit?

If you are looking for the Bitbattlel.biz then you are reading the right page on the internet. Online investment in cryptocurrency is the new investment market. Many sites are offering the investment in this field with very high returns. In our mind some question will come, is Bitbattle Scam? Or is Bitbattle Legit? Some more general question may arise, is Bitbatlle Real? Or is Bitbattle Fake? We have provided the detail Bitbattle Review in this article. If you need the immediate advice about Bitbattle, then we do not recommend this site. They are working on the ponzi scheme. Ponzi Schemes basically give money to its registered members with investment made by new members. To catch the attention of the people they show very profitable returns.

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How does BitBattle works?

Creating a company online is not a big deal. There are many sites available in the market, which turned into scam sites in recent past. Bitbattle has registered their company in the UK Companies Registration with a company name: BITBATLLE LIMITED and company number: 11055715. So there are many sites which rare already declared as a scam site had the registration from the UK Companies Registration. Acquiring registration from UK Companies Registration is not difficult task. Anyone can register any company with them by just paying 20GBP. Claim of registered company does not make this site an authentic.

Bitbatlle did not provide the information of their owner. They have claimed to have experts but they did not have provided any information about them. If anyone tries to find any information about them then he/she will fail because their information is private and no one can access that. When they will accumulate a good amount, hiding the information intentionally makes easier for them to run away with the people money without any say. This is the most common feature showed by many scam sites which are working online. Almost zero level of transparency, their credibility as an investment company becomes zero.

They have very exciting investment plan. They are offering 10, 12 and 15% of interest daily forever on different investment. Do not fall in this lucrative trap. It is highly unreliable business model on which anyone could invest their money. It is not feasible to give such a high interest daily and forever. People really fall in this absurd investment plan. Why we are calling it absurd because no company can sustain long enough with such returns. It means that, this company will soon going to collapse because they will not be able to pay what they are promising.

They have two level referral commissions. They are providing 5% and 1% commission on 1st and 2nd referral level respectively. This make their company model more unsustainable because of simple reason they are paying enough already, with these commission rates they will soon collapse.


We do not recommend Bitbattle due to various logical reasons stated above. Online earning is possible but in an easy is not. Keep yourself safe from scam site by avoiding their lucrative claims in the beginning and do not lose your hard earn money to them. Every one wants to earn money so we need to work hard also.

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If you have any more questions about the Bitbattle then drop the questions on the comment box. We will be pleased to help you.