What is Bitcinv.com? Is Bitcinv Scam or legit?

What is Bitcinv.com? Is Bitcinv Scam or legit?

Searching the web to know about Bitcinv.com? Your search ends at the right place and at the right article. In this Bitcinv review we are going to solve some generally asked problems like, is Bitcinv Scam? Or is Bitcinv Legit? Or is Bitcinv Fake? Or is Bitcinv Real? Such questions are difficult to answer about any website. Bitcoins are emerging and every expert in this field has only 4-5 years of experience. The investment market is not a new concept but investment in bitcoin has gains its momentum in recent years. To avail the benefit of this emerging market, many people opened bitcoin Investment Company on the internet. Since, the websites are new, therefore, it is hard to tell that such websites are scam or not. But we can talk about the authenticity of the company. If you are not interested in reading the article and need the brief or summary of this review, then we do Not Recommend Bitcinv website. It is working on ponzi scheme. The ponzi scheme is the one in which company pay to its members from the money deposited by the new members and they do not have any other plans to generate money. Ponzi schemes are illegal in many countries and therefore, we do Not Recommend this website.

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What is Bitcinv.com Is Bitcinv Scam or Legit Is Bitcinv Real or Fake Bitcinv Review Bitcinv

How does Bitcinv works?

The information is very important in today world. It does not only provide transparency about the working of any company but also increase its credibility and trust among people. The website does not provide their owner information. Why we are stressing on information? It is because you are going to invest your hard earned money and you know that earning money is not an easy task. The company not even provided the information of their personals. It is not possible that on any investment company no one is working. Hiding information is a feature of scammers. Bitcinv guarded their information in WHOIS records. Which means they are hiding themselves intentionally and do not want to reveal their identity. This marks a serious question mark on company’s credibility.

The company provided UK Companies Registration certificate to project itself a legit and authentic website. The company is registered under the company name: NITCOIN INST. OF INVEST LTD and the company number: 10863375.  The certificate is original and we are not concerned about it. But our concern is that, UK Companies Registration is very easy to get. One has to pay only 20 GBP and can become the owner of any company. It is not a healthy practice. On the fact, many website listed in our Not Recommended list also got registration from the UK Companies and many of them turned into scam after sometime. So their authenticity is also questionable. We can conclude here that this company is not good place to invest.

What lure people to trust such website and neglect the discrepancies raise by us. The answer is their investment plans. The company investment plans are very lucrative and profitable that blind people to ask other genuine questions which are imperative. The plans are very simple they are offering 3.5%, 5% and 7% interest daily on hourly basis and of course on different investment or deposit made by you. The interest rates are high. It means one can earn maximum 168% daily on their investment. Since, bitcoins price are increasing, many people think that this can be achievable but it is not. In reality, no genuine company pays such a high interest because it is highly unsustainable for company working. Bitcoin is very volatile and investment market itself is of volatile nature. Guaranteeing profit on volatility is very dangerous and risky. It means company claims are bogus. For instance, let believe the company pays as per their claim. Then the company will collapse in few days it is because their business model is highly unsustainable.

The company also propose affiliate program on their website. Their affiliate programs is of 3 level i.e. 8%-7%-5% commission on each level. The referrals are legit ways which is used by many website but this company commission is very high. Bitcinv investment plans are enough to bankrupt this company but their referral program make this website non-reliable. We will not advice to invest in this website. Bitcinv may pay initially but in later time it will goes to run away with people money after getting sufficient amount.


Bitcinv is Not Recommend by us due to various and legit reasons discuss in above paragraphs. The company is not genuine where one should invest their hard earned money. What happens? In this website the company plays with human physiology. They know people will not question after seeing the lucrative offers. The greed of people makes them blind towards genuine doubts. Their mind told them not to think much the site will be alright. This gave unethical people an opportunity to fool others. Be wise and avoid this website. Aware people around you, about such scam websites.

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If you have any kind of query about Bitcinv website then please feel free to share it with us.