What is Bitclubinv.com? Is Bitclubinv Scam?

What is Bitclubinv.com? Is Bitclubinv Scam?

Looking to know more about the bitclubinv.com, you are on the right page. Bitcoin investment is the new trend and many people already took the advantage of new market. There are many scam sites are also working in this field to take the advantage of people ignorance. Now some question may come into reader’s mind that is Bitclubinv is Scam? Or is Bitclubinv is Legit? Some more general question has been asked by our readers like is Bitclubinv Real? Or Bitclubinv Fake? To know more you must read this Bitclubinc review till the end. If you want our advice about Bitclubinv then we do not recommend this site. It is not good to invest your money in this site. Many sites investing in bitcoin are based on ponzi scheme. Ponzi schems are the schemes in which company pay to its register members from the investment made by new members.

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What is Bitclubinv.com Is Bitclubinv Scam or Legit Is Bitclubinv Real or Fake Bitclubinv Review Bitclubinv

How  Bitclubinv work? Why we are not recommending it?

Investment plan of investment companies works as a trap and people who invest in such companies without proper knowledge become their prey. Bitclubinv has very lucrative investment plan. They are offering 10%, 5%, 350%, 800%, 2000% and 5000% on hourly and day basis on different investment (investment price increase with increase in interest rate). One can invest maximum $150000 and get 5000% interest after 60 days. There are many discrepancies present in these statistics. First and foremost, they have created a very beautiful site but they had done a very grave mistake i.e. in their investment plan after 10% they are offering only 5% of interest on higher investment. This is most illogical fact they have put on their site. It means that this company is not authentic because their investment plans are just number for them. They are just showing the high investment plan without even plotting data right. Such kind of mistake is put a series question mark on their authenticity. Their investment plans are highly unsustainable and this way the company will soon going to collapse.

They claim to be in the investment market from 2016 and they have launched their site in 2017. This means they are working online without any website. If they are using another site then they should provide link of that site to make their site more authentic and genuine. They did not provide any information of their owner. Nobody knows who is going to invest their money on their behalf. The information of experts and owner is not mentioned on their site.

They have registered their company in UK Companies Registration under the company name PRIME STARTUP LIMITED and company number: 1282924. Making registration in the UK Companies is easiest task one has to pay just 20GBP for registering any new company. Mostly all sites which are already not recommended by us also have the registration from UK Companies. Therefore, their certificate of registration is not a valid proof their legitimacy.

Affiliate program is the most common program offered by almost every site to promote their website. In this promotion companies pay to users through which they get new members. They have 3 level referral programs: 4%-2%-2%. These are very good commission rate. These numbers are proof that their business model is very unsustainable and non reliable for long term.


We do not recommend bitclubinv because of varies discrepancies stated above. Avoid such sites and make your money safe from losing. The profitable plans are going to make people blind. But invest your money with all wisdom and do not fall into their trap. No one in this world is going to give you money easily. If they are giving it then you can find some foul smell in their intentions.

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If you have any more doubts about Bitclubinv then feel free to ask by dropping your comment in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.