What is Bitcoin4clicks.com? Is It Scam?

What is Bitcoin4clicks.com? Is It Scam?

Are you curious about Bitcoin4clicks.com? This is nothing but other PTC website on the internet which dealing and paying in bitcoins. In this Bitcoin4clicks review we are going to solve some questions like, is Bitcoin4clicks Scam? Or is Bitcoin4clicks Legit? Or is Bitcoin4clicks Real? Or is Bitcoin4clicks Fake? Bitcoin is emerging and rising every day. People are much speculative about its price because it is fluctuating every day. To avail the benefit of bitcoins prices many people has opened the website which is working on the bitcoins. If you are not interested to read the full article then, we do Not Recommend Bitcoin4clicks website. It is a PTC website in which investing your time will be futile because you will not able to earn good money from this website. It is not a scam because to declare a PTC website scam we need to see its working for minimum 2 years but due to other discrepancies shown by this website point towards that it is not viable for anyone to work in this website.

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What is Bitcoin4clicks.com Is Bitcoin4clicks Scam or Legit Is Bitcoin4clicks Real or Fake Bitcoin4clicks Review Bitcoin4clicks

How Bitcoin4clicks works?

There are two ways in which one can earn money in this website. Generally, in PTC website there are 5-6 ways present in which company allows members to earn money. May be this company is new and need more time to introduce other methods of earning. The two available options to earn money are: Viewing ads and Referral program.
As PTC website provide money for viewing ads. Bitcoin4clicks is providing around 30 advertisements per day. You can watch them and earn in satoshi. They are giving from 8satoshi to 24 satoshi. If you are wondering, what is satoshi? For those satoshi is the smallest unit of 1 bitcoin i.e. 1satoshi is equals to 0.00000001btc.
The second method to earn in this website is via referrals. Referrals are used by websites to increase their traffic and earn more revenue. It is a good strategy and work as a win-win situation for both members and website. They are offering 10% commission on every referral made by you. There is nothing much you can do in this website. Some might claim to earn money in this website. They are not wrong but you cannot earn good amount or full time earning in this website. It is the lowest version of PTC seen by us as compare to other PTC websites that are also working in bitcoins. Their business model is not pragmatic and also unsustainable. It is because today 1btc value is around $14000 and it means they are going to pay its member very handsome amount which is not viable for this website. We cannot say much about this website because it has restricted itself in a very narrow lane. One thing we want our readers to understand is that you will not be able to make good money through this website, it is for sure. So do not waste your precious time in this website.
Owner information is not provided by this website. They are hiding it. The personals working in this company is not know, it is because company did not mention any name of their personal. Leave personal information, the company did not guarded their WHOIS records but they provided the owner name as ‘Domain Manager’. No one in this world can have such type of name. It means the information provided by them is fake and bogus. There are other genuine PTC websites working on the internet that has provided their owner information and also working from last 3-4 years.


We do Not Recommend Bitcoin4clicks website due to various reasons stated above. The time spend in this website can be utilize in some other website which are paying regularly. It is not a scam and since, it is new website we cannot also declare it scam but working in this website is futile. You will not be able to earn good money. We advise our readers that if they want to try it, there is no harm, but you can try other genuine websites.

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If you have any doubt regarding Bitcoin4clicks website then share it with us by commenting in our comment section.