What is Bitcoin4job? Is Bitcoin4job Scam or Legit?

What is Bitcoin4job? Is Bitcoin4job Scam or Legit?

Are you keen to know about Bitcoin4job? Congrats, your search has brought you to the right place. In this Bitcoin4job review, we will tackle some general questions. Is Bitcoin4job Scam? Or is Bitcoin4job Legit? Or is Bitcoin4job Real? Or is Bitcoin4job Fake?  You must be trying to earn money online. It is good thinking. The problem arises when people think it is an easy task. In reality, it is not. It takes hard work to earn money on the internet. Few people big success on the internet created an illusion. The illusion is of easy earning. If you are not interested to read the full article, then we can provide you the summary of the review. Bitcoin4job is a scam website. It does not pay to anybody. There are other similar websites like Bitcoinslip that already declared scam by us. Now, it is listed on our “Avoid Scam” list. There is very high possibility that people working on another scam website, are also on the Bitcoin4job website.

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What is Bitcoin4job Is Bitcoin4job Scam or Legit Is Bitcoin4job Real or Fake Bitcoin4job Review Bitcoin4job

How Bitcoin4job works and why declare it a scam?

It seems that Bitcoin4job website is very generous. They are more generous than philanthropist people. It is because they are helping the world to eliminate unemployment. The tasks are very easy on this website. The amount is very good i.e. bitcoins. The task you have to perform is by referring your unique referral link. The referrals are used by the various website. It increases website traffic. The company pays commission to members. Members promote the referral link and get paid for every link click by the new user. The genuine websites pay very low commission. Therefore, they sustain and also pay regularly. Bitcoin4job is offering 1 to 2 bitcoin per link click. Is it possible? At the time of writing this article the value of one bitcoin is $2240. It means for only one referral click your earning is $4480. It is impossible to provide such huge amount for any company on earth. It simply means that either company claims are bogus or this company is going to collapse. With our experience, this company is not going to collapse. It is so because the company does not pay. Therefore, the question of getting collapse is not even an option.

The company credits the bitcoin immediately into your account. The account which they credit is opened on their website. It is not difficult for them to credit the Bitcoin. The problem is of receiving payment. The company has minimum payout limit of 30BTC. If you earn 30BTC then you can request for payment. The company only replies with a message. The message reads like ‘your request is in a process and it will take some time’. After this message, the company never replies back. Some people complain about non-receiving of money. The company told them to speed-up your process pay an up-gradation fees. Or you have to complete some paid surveys. Even if you complete the surveys, the company is not going to pay you. It had never paid to anyone. They are not going to pay anyone. They are just here to earn money and not to share it with you or anybody.

The information of owner is not available on the website. The website does not even mention the name of any personals. It is very strange that nobody is work on this website. Or the people do not want to reveal their identity. It may be due to humility or maybe because they are cheating people. We tried to find the benevolence person behind this website but we failed. It is so because the company also hid their information in WHOIS records. This is the most common characteristics of scam websites.


Bitcoin4job is a scam website and we do not recommend it. It is not hard to understand that company is cheating people. They are making fool of us. They are taking advantage of people innocence and ignorance. Do not fall into their trap. They set the trap in shortcut paths. Do not run to earn fast. You will earn good money but it takes time. You can take shortcuts but it wills only ends in regret.

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If you have any doubt about Bitcoin4job please mention it in our comment section.