What is Bitcoininvestment.cc? Is It Scam or Legit?

What is Bitcoininvestment.cc? Is It Scam or Legit?

If you are reading this article to get information about Bitcoininvestment.cc, then you are on the right destination. In this Bitcoininvestment review, we are going to discuss all those questions which will come to your mind. There is some question which you will surely ask yourself to start work on this website like, Is Bitcoininvestment Scam? Or Is Bitcoininvestment Legit? Or Is Bitcoininvestment Real? Or Is Bitcoin investment Fake? And what is Bitcoininvestment and how does it works. There are many websites are available on the internet which makes money through investment done by the people. Bitcoin investment is a Company which provides a platform to the people where people can invest their money and earn interest day by day. If you don’t want to read our full article then in the short we advise you that don’t invest your money on this site, this is not a good site for investment. We do Not Recommend Bitcoininvestment.

These types of website work on the Ponzi scheme. In Ponzi scheme, old members are paid by the money which is invested by new members. Their investment plans are very simple and similar to another Ponzi scheme website. This is not a single company which is offering these types of investment plan there are many websites on the internet which is claiming similar investment plans.  But these investment plans are impossible to achieve. So we added this site into our Not Recommend section.

In our website we prepare a list of Trusted and Legit site, we added some genuine site in this list which is working genuinely and paying their members. if you want to see the list then click the link below; https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

Wealthy Affiliate is the No. 1 recommend company on our Legit site list, this is the Company which is working since 2005 and providing training and programs on their site for the help of people. With the help of Wealthy Affiliate training, you can build your own online business. If you are interested and want to join WA then please go through this link; https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

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What is Bitcoininvestment.cc Is Bitcoininvestment Scam or Legit Is Bitcoininvestment Real or Fake Bitcoininvestment Review, Bitcoininvestment

How does Bitcoin investment works?

The working of Bitcoin investment is similar to another Ponzi site which we have already added to our not recommend section. And most of them have the similar company registration certificate which is UK Companies House. So we searched and found that why these websites are having similar company certificate. The answer we got that this certificate is very easy to get. Anyone can this Certificate by paying only 20 GBP. And this certificate is only for taxation purpose. Bitcoininvestment is registered with UK Companies House, where the Company name is BITCOIN INVESTMENT CC LTD. And the registration number is 11291887. Having this certificate is not a solid proof for Bitcoin investment legitimacy.

The Bitcoininvestment has hidden their identity on their official website, no one can find that who is the owner of this Company? If they are working genuinely then they should share their identity with their members but they did not. If any company shares their information then it makes trust with their members and increases the credibility of the company. We have lost our few hours to searching the owner information of this site but we are failed because this company guarded their information in WHOIS records also. It means the owner and their team are not good people. They guarded themselves because they want to do a big scam and they do not want to leave any information where people can catch them.

The Company has 4 investment plans which are different from each other. Also very lucrative and unsustainable at the same time. They are offering 15% to 45% daily forever Rate of Interest. Where minimum investment is $50 and maximum has no limit. You can withdraw your money daily forever without limit. This ROI is very high for any legit company. It is not easy to pay this large amount daily forever. So this will not good to invest in this company, they have not any sustainable interest rate where people can trust them.

Bitcoin investment also offers an affiliate program on their website. They have 5 level referral programs on their site which is, 12%, 4%, 4%, 2% and 2%, means if you will work with your referral then you will get 22% referral commission. Where will they pay this huge amount of money?  If they will pay according to their claims so this Company will run away very soon. This is because they are not selling any real product and service on their site so this is difficult to pay them. So we called this Bitcoininvestment to Ponzi scheme, Which is an illegal scheme.


Bitcoininvestment is Not Recommended by us. They are cheating people, they can pay in initially for making the trust of members but once they will get a huge amount of investment of the people then they will run away without paying anyone. so never invest your money in these types of website, these are working on Ponzi scheme which is an illegal scheme.

If you want to make real money online then you should read our Wealthy Affiliate review.  This Company is working since 2005 and make a strong trust with their members. Wealthy Affiliate provides training and programs on their site with the help of these programs you can earn online income. If you want to join WA then please click the link below; https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

if you have any question on your mind about Bitcoininvestment then please drop a comment in our comment box. we will happy to help you.