What is Bitcomine.net? Is Bitcomine Scam or Legit?

Are you searching the web to know about Bitcomine.net? It means you are wise person who smells the rat in this website. In this Bitcomine review we are going to deal with some most asked questions like, Is Bitcomine Scam? Or is Bitcomine Legit? Or is Bitcomine Real? Or is Bitcomine Fake? These are some general questions that people ask. We want to clear one thing about Bitcomine is that it is a PTC site with a blend of unsustainable PTC and Ponzi scheme. People sometimes trying to earn money online accidently find some scam websites or not genuine website that fool people by paying initially well and later on run away with their money. If you do not want to read the full review and want us to tell you about this website in short then, ‘We do Not Recommend Bitcomine’. The site did not provide their owner information and also their working is illegal because they are working on Ponzi scheme phenomenon which is unethical. In Ponzi scheme company pay to its members from the money invested by the new members. It is not the viable way to run a company and that is why this company is not genuine and we do not recommend it. The explanation of points is done below.

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What is Bitcomine.net Is Bitcomine Scam or Legit Is Bitcomine Real or Fake Bitcomine Review Bitcomine

How does Bitcomine works?

Bitcomine is PTC website that has different options by which member can earn on this website. They are providing more 30+ ads daily to its members by which you can earn points. You can later turn your points into BTC and cash it out from the website. The other methods by which you can earn in this website is that via mining. The company is offering 4 day free mining to all of its members. Mining is done in this website. The concept is unique but it same as ponzi scheme. What happen in this website is that they are offering different miners to you, form coal miners to diamond minors. Member have to purchase coal miner of 0.0025BTC and you can mine 1kg coal every day worth of 0.0001 for 30 days it means you will have 0.0005btc profit after one month. It is very good money because fraction of money is worth of dollars at present time. To purchase diamond minor member has to purchase the gold minor first. In diamond minor, member has to first buy it for 0.035BTC it can mine 1-3 diamond daily, worth of 0.0049btc- 0.0147btc. The best part in of diamond mining is that you can have this earning for lifetime. There is no limited period in diamond mining like coal mining and others have 30 days limit.

If you calculate your earning in diamond mining then it roughly give you 400% profit on one diamond. It means you invest 1btc the ROI will give you 4btc. If you earn 3 diamond daily then ROI will be more than 1200%. The price of 1btc at the time of writing article is around $14000, you can on our own can estimate that if you will 1btc in diamond mining it means you need $14000 and your are going to make $56000 after one month (approximately). The number or calculation we have done is not possible for any company to sustain for long. That is why in the beginning we already mentioned that the company is blend of unsustainable PTC website and ponzi scheme. The company is paying initially they are simply paying from the money invested by the new members.

We have seen lots of complaints about this website while doing our research of this website. People has claim many discrepancies on their working of payment. The question arise that whatever company claiming can it deliver also? The simple answer to this question is ‘no’. We have found out that the company first never cash out the amount that member earn via viewing ads on this website without a deposit made by the member. It means you have to deposit if you want to receive any money. After it company also charge transaction fees of 0.0008btc which is not mentioned earlier. People request to cash out 0.0003btc from the company and company just deduct it for transaction fee. It means you will not be able to earn money on this website. When member complain about the deduction of their money as a transaction fee then company just block the member account and he/she did not even open their account after that. This company is not genuine and that is why we do not recommend it.

The information about any website show the level of transparency a website provide to its people, which build trust among people about the website. The owner information of Bitcomine is not provided on their website. They hide their information in WHOIS records also. It means they are hiding purposely so that no one can know about them. Generally, people indulge in previous scam website do not reveal their information on WHOIS records.


Bitcomine is a perfect blend of a pragmatic website which is perfectly fool people with new ways. There are other and different website which have have similar functioning but with different theme like, BitcoFarm, BitcoinFarmer, Faucetbirds, Faucetcow and so on. Some  of them have been already turned into scam.  Beware of such websites that are just trying to use people time and resources for their own benefit. They are not good and you will not be able to earn any money via this website. Their working is illegal. Spread about such website in your social network so that nobody else becomes victim of such website.

If you really want to earn money i.e. full time earning then Wealthy Affiliate Company is the one you should consider. They have various programs to train and mentor its members. Believe us or not they are really helped many people who are earning good money on the internet while working from home. To explore about his website see our review of this company by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any other doubts regarding Bitcomine then please share it with us and we will be glad to help you.

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