What is BitcoWorld? Is Bitco World Scam?

What is BitcoWorld? Is Bitco World Scam?

Do you curious to know about Bitco World? Your curiosity will end in this article. In this Bitco Review we are going to provide answers to some general question many people asked us like, is Bitco Scam? Or is Bitco Legit? Or is Bitco Real? Or is Bitco Fake? Online earning can be done in various ways. Many people are doing it successfully and many more wanted to do it. It is great thinking because internet is indeed providing very good money to people around the world. Many people can earn money via internet. Many people trying to earn money online in easy ways. It is because they have neglected the hard work of people that are earning money online and only saw their success. This is the most general thinking we the people have in us. Many unethical people are trying to take the advantage of this. They are supplying this demand of earning easy money via offering easy task to them. If you do not concern with the argument we are going to made in this article and want us to lower your labour of reading then ‘we do Not Recommend Bitco’. This website shows many discrepancies which we are going to discuss in our article below.

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What is Bitco? How does Bitco Works?

The Bitco site is a PTC site on which people can earn money by clicking and viewing ads. It is registered on 2-10-2017.  The website does not provide the owner name or any kind of information which tell us about the owner. They also hided and guarded their information in WHOIS records which not allow us to know about the person behind this website. In the history of internet, various PTC websites which had hided their information from public view turned into scam.

There are different ways present in this website which helps person to earn money. First, the registered member can earn money by viewing ads. The company provides 10+ ads daily for its every member. Members have to click the ads and view it until loading bar completes. After completing of bar which take generally 5 seconds you can click the confirmation and money will be credited into your account.

Second, one can play BITCO grid to earn money. Grid is nothing but one picture shown which is divided into many grids and members has to click any grid and earn money via following some process. Third, offer walls also allow members to earn money.

These methods will help person to earn money but they cannot earn good money through this. The best way one can earn money in good amount is via using referrals. There are two types of referrals used by PTC sites first, direct referrals that are made by members using its resources or members registered into this site using member link. The second method is Rented Referral, company allow member to get referrals on rent but it was found out on most of the PTC sites that rented referrals are not real persons but they are bots in reality. The disadvantage of rented referrals is that bots are in controlled of admin of the website. We suggest our readers to focus more on direct referrals than rented referrals. When member make myriads of direct referrals then they will start earning good amount of money from this website. Since there is no limit in direct referral, members can earn good income via this method.

Before withdrawing of money members have to meet out the cash out limit. The cashout limit is the minimum amount member should have in their account before withdrawing. The minimum cashout limit is 0.001BTC for standard members.


We do Not Recommend Bitco because it hided its owner information. Information is important due to the involvement of money. Hiding information is the feature of scam website that runs away with people money after accumulating good money from public (here people time and resources are utilize by people to earn money and non-payment of their earning is similar to running away with people money). This is a new website, therefore, it will initially going to pay to its members. We cannot say how long it will sustain, so we advise our readers if they want to work in this website then work as a free member only.

Online earning can be done via various methods provide by genuine websites like Wealthy Affiliate Company. It is working from 2005 and still running gracefully. They have provided various training programs to people around to world which already availed their service. To know more about Wealthy Affiliate Company then visit our page by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubt regarded Bitco then feel free to tell us by commenting in the comment box.