What is Bitgaliano.trade? Is Bitgaliano Scam?

What is Bitgaliano.trade? Is Bitgaliano Scam?

If you want to get the answer, what is Bitgaliano.trade then you are looking at the right page. Ponzi scheme working online differently, they pay to the existing registered members with the investment done by the new members. Many new sites working in the bitcoin investment are using same phenomenon in the new market of cryptocurrency. There are some question emerge inside the mind, is Bitgaliano Legit? Or is Bitgaliano Scam? Or is Bitgaliano Real? Or is Bitgaliano Fake? We have done a Bitgaliano review in detail. If you need to lower your labour of reading then we do not recommend Bitgaliano because it is also working on ponzi scheme phenomenon.

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How Bitgaliano works? Why we don’t recommend it?

Bitgaliano is the private investment company with no owner. Yes, you read it right. Bitgaliano did not provide any information or name of the owner of Investment Company. They are claiming to have investment professionals but did not provide any single information about them. This makes their credibility as an investment company very low. You cannot invest money in a company about whom you know nothing. This is the common way scam sites operate. They deliberately hide the owner information, so that they do not have any responsibility of their acts. After one time when they accumulate good amount of money from the users they shut off their site and then run away with people money. Such type of companies are known as fly by night operation company which provide you high return but have zero trust rate.

They have registered their company in UK Companies Registration with company name-BitGaliano Limited and company number: 11050161. This is the most common feature of most of the investment company to get registration from UK Companies Registration. Registering as a company in UK is very easy, one have to pay just 20GBP and become an owner of company. This certificate is not enough to authenticate the company existence.

Their investment plan offers up to 5% of interest rate daily on maximum deposit of 10 BTC. These are not very high number to attract people attention but it can make people to believe that they are genuine company. Their interest rates are low but it is still very not feasible for any business model to sustain for long. This way they can sustain for someday but at last it will collapse. The simple reason of collapsing is that investment market is very volatile market and bitgaliano guarantee the interest rate without stating any risk of investment market.

They have very unique Affiliate programme. It is unique because instead of one programme they have two affiliate programs both having 4 level of referral programs. For standard member they have 7-5-3-1% of commission and for representative members they have 10-7-5-2% of commission. It does not matter how much they are offering because they will not be able to pay constantly what they are promising. Their affiliate programme is absurd and makes them more unsustainable with time.


We do not recommend Bigaliano in which you can invest you money. Keep avoiding such sites which lure you with fancy numbers and statistics. Do not fall into their trap they will just use you and does not pay what they are promising. One can earn money online but there are no short cuts available for that.

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If you have any doubts about Bitgaliano then drop your comment in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.