What Is BitgenX.Pro? Is BitgenX Scam or legit?

What Is BitgenX.Pro? Is BitgenX Scam or legit?

If you are looking to know about the BitgenX.Pro? You are reading the right article, in this BitgenX review, we will answer all the questions asked by our readers. The questions like is BitgenX Scam? Or is BitgenX Legit? Or is BitgenX Real? Or is BitgenX Fake? There are many sites that are working on the bitcoins. In past one year, the bitcoin got the popularity that marks it as a revolution in the digital world. If you are not interested to read the full article and the summary then we can provide it to you. BitgenX is a scam site. It is because the working of the BitgenX cannot happen in reality. Their claims are bogus and fake at the same time. The BitgenX is claiming that it injects exploits into Bitcoin pools and blockchain technology, this is not the case in reality. People fall into their trap easily because they are luring the people by showing easy ways of making money. They are making people believe that they can earn a very good number of bitcoin by just providing their bitcoin wallet address. The member has to select the desired number of bitcoin they want to generate by just clicking the “start” button on their website. After that company aware its member that they got their desired number of bitcoins in their wallet. In order, to get those bitcoins, the member has to pay the fees to the site which is around 0.002BTC.

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What is Bitgenx.pro Is Bitgenx Scam or Legit Is Bitgenx Real or Fake Bitgenx Review, Bitgenx

How does BitgenX work?

BitgenX is a scam site. It is because the company working is totally a scam. They have asset a trap to fool people. The company is allowing people to get the desired number of bitcoins from their site. Which is not possible. The only thing a member has to do is that they have to provide their wallet address to them and generate as much as bitcoin they want. The company later notify its members that they have generated the desired number of bitcoin which is available in their wallet. But before receiving bitcoins from the wallet a member has to pay a fee. What happened next? The member is going to lose their fee money because in the end company does not pay to anyone. This site is working to just fool people and extract the fees from the people who fall into their trap.

Now before making any payment on this site or registering into this site. You should ask yourself why the company is asking for fees when they can easily cut the fees part from the money that is generated on this site or from the amount that company is going to pay its members. Why are they not cutting it? It is simply because the company is not going to pay anyone on this site. They are just working to earn revenue for them and not for anybody.

One of the most important parameters for any company to be genuine is that they provide their owner details or information about them. This company does not provide any information of its owner. The company owner information is completely hidden. We try to find the information in WHOIS records but the company also guarded their information in the records. It means that the company is working in a non-legit manner and they do not want to leave any trail that helps somebody to catch them.

Do you really believe that bitcoin can be generated as the company is claiming? If the company operation does have any quantum of reality then everyone in the world will go to earn bitcoin on this site and do not go for mining. Generating bitcoin is not as easy as it seems. We believe that you also understand this part that generating or mining of bitcoin is not as easy as the company claim. Not in reality.


The BitgenX is a scam site. Their working is totally fake and scam. They are not a legit company and does not pay to its members. We advise you to keep a distance from this site and also avoid it. Beware people in your social circle also about this site. It is because it is a very different kind of scam that is operating on the internet.

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If you have4 any doubt regarding BitgenX site, please mention it in our comment section. We will be happy to help you.