What is Bitmermaid.biz? Is Bitmermaid Scam?

What is Bitmermaid.biz? Is Bitmermaid Scam?

If you are searching to know about the Bitmermaid.biz then you have visited the right page. Online is the vast cyber space which is used by every type of people. There are many people who created a ponzi scheme based sites and looting the hard earn money of people who want to invest their money. Is Bitmermaid Real or Bitmeraid Fake? Or Is Bitmermaid Legit or Bitmeraid Scam? These are the general question came in to the mind of readers. We have given the detail Bitermaid Review in this article. To shorten the hard work of reading the full review, this site is not recommended by us. This site is basically work on the ponzi scheme phenomenon in which company pay to their existing members from the money invested by the new members.

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How Bitmermaid work? Why we not recommend it?

Bitmermaid on their home page boldly declare the tag line ‘Mysterious Growth’. Bitcon investment market is new and the growth in this market is truly mysterious. There is one more mystery present in their site and that is the mystery of experts. Bitmermaid has explicitly written that there ‘product prepared by the best experts in the field of Bitcoin mining and trading’. But they have not provided any name or information of their experts. They did not provide any information of their product which they claim as the ‘State of the art’ category. Their credibility as the investment company is very low because of low transparency. Money is not easy to earn and people invest their money on company trust. There is nothing authentic provided by the company on which people should trust with their money.

They have very beneficial investment plans. First plan have minimum limit of 0.001BTC and the maximum limit of 10BTC with 10% of interest daily forever. Second plan give 12% interest and the third plan give 15% of interest daily forever on the different investment of Bitcoins. These are very high rate of interest which is not viable for any investment company to offer. No genuine company can offer such high interest rate. Even if they pay as they claim, then company will soon going to collapse.

To make their company more authentic they have created a very good and attractive site and even provided the certificate of their registration. The company have a registration from UK under the company name: BIT MERMAID LIMITED and the company number: 11038498. From our extensive research we came to know that to get registration from UK is the easiest way, one can register their company by just giving 20GBP (i.e. Great Britain Pound).

They also have 2 levels referral commission. Company gives 5% referral commission for the register members and 1% commission for the second referral. Many scam sites has used the referral link system to earn money from the time and resources invested by the people who worked for them.


We do not recommend Bitmermaid Company. There are many ways to earn money online but there are no easy ways to earn money. To be safe from such sites strongly avoid it. Do not get in to the trap created by such company. They offer you high return but the truth is that they are not going to return your money. With the advent of Bitcoin market, scam sites have also changed their way of representation. They have changed their way of looting the people.

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If you have any type of queries about the Bitmermaid, you are free to ask any type of question by dropping a comment in the comment box. It will be our pleasure to help you.