What is Bitmining.top? Is Bitmining Scam or Legit?

What is Bitmining.top? Is Bitmining Scam or Legit?

If you are searching the web to know about Bitmining.top, then you are one of the smart investor who get details of company first and then its offer. You must be having some questions about Bitmining like, is Bitmining Scam? Or is Bitmining Legit? Or is Bitmining Real? Or is Bitmining Fake? In this Bitmining review we are going to solve such questions that readers generally ask. There are various ways to earn money and investment market is one of them. The investment market is not new but Cryptocurrency Investment Company is new. Various website is offering people to invest their bitcoins to earn daily profit. They are offering very high returns also with guarantee. But the guarantee of volatile market and also of volatile currency makes some doubt about website. If you do not want to read full review then ‘we do Not Recommend this Bitmining because it is working on ponzi scheme’. Ponzi scheme is the one in which company provide its members payment from the money invested by the new members.

There are various websites offering earn money online may be not in easy way but in simple way. We have prepared a list of some genuine websites. You can visit our page to see the list: https://onlineincomeresources.com/legitimate-work-at-home-opportunities

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What is Bitmining.top Is Bitmining Scam or Legit Is Bitmining Real or Fake Bitmining Review Bitmining

How Bitmining works?

Bitmining claim to do cloud mining to mine different cryptocurrencies like Etherum, Dashcoin, Digibyte and other cryptocurrencies. The cloud mining is done by companies on other hardware. Since company does not need to invest on hardware and pay for other things like electricity, company offer high returns (as per their claims). We researched and found out that, it is not viable to generate enough profit that allow company to pay high returns through cloud mining. Company has to pay other company for using their services and that is why they are not able to acquire profit. There are many incidents in recent past in which companies indulge in cloud mining turned into scam.

They have 3 ICO (Initial Coin Offering) packages or in simple words 3 investment plans. They are good and providing high returns. First ICO package offer 3.5% daily after 1 day on deposit of $10 or more. Second ICO package offers 135% after 1 day on deposit of $1500 and more. Third plan offer 395% weekly after 5days on deposit of $1200 or more. This is the trap where many people become blind due to lucrative returns. The company knows that people will not question their authenticity not because people trust them but due to lucrative offers. The returns offers are just numbers and not viable for any company to provide such a high returns. There are many big and multinational banks works all over the world they are also not able to provide such a high returns. Their claims are bogus and if we assume that they will pay as they are saying then this company will collapse soon or get bankrupt. It means the company got no future. If any company does not have any future then how will someone invest in such company?

They are also having an affiliate program of two levels. They are 7% commission for first level and 7% for second level. These are very big numbers. The company investment plans are enough to make it collapse but their affiliate program commission make their company more non reliable. Why we are saying this? Since referrals are the best way to increase traffic for any website. Many genuine website offer very low interest as commission and scam companies offer very large commission. Due to large commission more people attract, towards scam sites and then regret. The business model of Bitmining is not viable and unsustainable.

The company does not provide any information of their owners. They not even provide any name of personal. They are hiding it intentionally because they hide their WHOIS records. It also means nobody knows about the owner or in whose name company is registered.

To show their company as a legit one, the company provided UK Companies Certificate. They are registered under the company name: BIT MINING LTD and company number: 10511839. The UK Companies certificate can be acquired by anyone by paying just 20GBP. May this is also the one of the main reasons, that most of the Not Recommended websites listed in our list contain UK Certificate with them. Many of them also turned into a scam website after some time. It means it will be not viable to invest your money in this website. There are many other good websites available on the internet that are genuine and working for quite a few years.


We do Not Recommend Bitmining company it is not good and not viable for anybody to invest in this company. We advise our readers to avoid this website. They are not easy ways to earn money hugely but yes there are easy ways to lose the money. So do not lose your hard earned money on website offering just numbers and not any trust building proofs.

Online earning might not be easy but it is simple. Wealthy Affiliate Company is working in this field to offer people simple ways to earn money online. They have various online programs that offer people different and simple way to earn. If you want to learn more please visit Wealthy Affiliate Company review by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubt about Bitmining please comment in our comment box. We will be happy to help you.