What is Bitpays.biz? Is Bitpays Scam or legit?

What is Bitpays.biz? Is Bitpays Scam or legit?

Are you looking for Bitpays.biz? Earlier we were also curious about this website. Their investment offers and claims attracted our attention towards it. So we come up with Bitpays review. In this article, we try to solve some questions that create trouble in our mind like, is Bitpays scam? Or is Bitpays legit? Or is Bitpays real? Or is Bitpays fake? We were also looking for the answers stated. Can we declare it a scam? To declare any website a scam needs the good backing of facts and arguments. Bitcoin market is emerging and it gave the rise to a bitcoin investment market. There are many websites claiming to provide good returns and it is one of them. Are these websites reliable? If you are not concerned with the arguments and reasons, that we are going to explain later, then ‘we do Not Recommend Bitpays’. It is working on Ponzi scheme phenomenon in which company pays from the money invested by the new members. They do not have plans to generate money and it means they are taking debt from the public. With time this debt will increase and after sometime when they got sufficient amount then they will run away with all money.

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What is Bitpays.biz Is Bitpays Scam or Legit Is Bitpays Real or Fake Bitpays Review, Bitpays

How do Bitpays works?

The investment market more than currency works on speculation. The more the company got trust from the public its credibility increases in the market. The credibility and trust are built on transparency or providing information about the company and its working. This website maybe does not understand the meaning of trust and transparency i.e. why they did not provide their own information on their website. Every genuine company always give details of their owner and a team of professionals that are going to invest public money. The credibility of this company is near zero. It means we cannot trust this company.

The Investment Plans are the backbone of the Investment Company. They have very lucrative investment plans. Plans vary from 0.42% hourly for 2400 hours to 350% hourly for 3hours. Plans and schemes are same as of HYIP company. But they are not declaring themselves HYIP company. They have a variety of investment plans. See, we are not saying that you should not invest in this website. There are maximum chances that these company pays you initially because this is how Ponzi scheme works. They just want you to invest as much as you can so that it helps them to shut their company soon. Their investment plans are very profitable and highly unsustainable for any company working in the investment market. Do not fall into their trap.

The company offers 3 levels referral program with 7%-2%-1% commissions on every level. Referrals are used by almost every website to increase their traffic. It helps a website to generate more revenue for their website. Many genuine websites are also work in referrals but their commission is very low. Its high referral commission makes it nonreliable. It will be not wise to invest your money in this website. They are just luring you and want to win your confidence, by making the initial payment. They did not provide any proof of their authenticity. On every working ethical ground, this website got itself ‘zero rating’.


Bitpays is Not Recommend by us due to the reasons stated above. If you still want to invest in this website. You are free to do it. We have done our work to aware you. We are not questioning anybody opinion but what we trying to say is that there are various websites working online which are genuine. You can invest your money in those websites instead of this. The only possible advice we can give is that please avoid it and also aware people in our social circle. Bitcoin market is emerging and already many Ponzi schemes have marked their presence in the news.

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If you have still any doubt or query about it, please share it with us we will be glad to help you out of it.