What is Bitpeach.biz? Is Bitpeach Scam or Legit?

What is Bitpeach.biz? Is Bitpeach Scam or Legit?

Are you looking to know about the working of Bitpeach.biz then you have arrived on the right page to have answers of all the queries. With the advent of Cryptocurrency and especially the Bitcoin, new investment market emerged out. Today many people on internet using this infant market to cheat people in a new way with old techniques.  Now, readers must having some question, is Bitpeach Scam? Or Is Bitpeach legit? Many readers might ask us, Is Beatpeach Real? Or is Beatpeach fakie? These are genuine question arise in the readers mind. To answer you directly then we do not recommend the Biitpeach Company.  This site work on ponzi scheme phenomenon in which company pay registered member with new registering member investment. This has become the new trend to loot the people all around the world.

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How Bitpeach work? Why we don’t recommend it?

Bitpeach is online company registered in UK with Company name: BIT PEACH LTD and company number: 10829920. They have also provided the certificate of registration on their site. But the catch here is that many scam sites operating on the internet have provided the registration from UK Companies House only and also shown the registration certificate on their website. The registering a company in UK Companies House is the very easy task. Anybody around the globe can become the owner of a registered company by paying just 20GBP.

This site has claimed to have an experts working in the cryptocurrency mining activity. But they did not provided any information of their experts. Leave the Information of experts they not even provided any name of expert or the owner of this great investment company whose name is Bitpeach. Credibility and trust on any investment company comes through transparency. Here, everything is opaque and you did not know to whom you are trusting with your hard earned money.

They are offering very good and profitable investment plan. This is the place which make user generally blind about other aspects of investment. They have said to give 9%, 12% and 15% interest daily on different investment and also there is no maximum limit. This is the most unsustainable business plan. Through this way no genuine company will get any profit and if company did not get any revenue then how will it pay the interest to its investors. But people become blind by seeing the profitable numbers and fall into their trap. They took advantage of people silliness and used it for generating money for them only.

Like every site they have also an affiliate programme where they offer 5-10% of commission. Referral programme is the good way for promoting any site. Scam sites use people time and resources to generate traffic for their site and earned a huge profit. Through their referral programme they are making their business more unsustainable.


Bitpeach site is not good site to invest your hard earned money. We do not recommend it. We should invest money to generate a different source of revenue but do it very wisely. Because there are many people creating a trap to take advantage of people thinking and suck all the money investors earned through years of hard work.

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If you have any questions in mind about Bitpeach feel free to ask by dropping the comment in the comment box. We will be happy to help you.