What is Bitzz.io? Is Bitzz Scam or Legit?

What is Bitzz.io? Is Bitzz Scam or Legit?

Online looking to know more about Bitzz.io you have arrived at the right destination to get resolve you all queries. Many companies in bitcoin investment are working on ponzi scheme. In ponzi scheme company make payments to its old member from the money invested by new member. The trend of ponzi scheme is increasing day by day in bitcoin investment. Few queries may arise like, is Bitzz Scam?  Or is Bitzz Legit? Or is Bitzz Fake? Or is Bitzz Real? Arising of such doubts is good it means you really want to invest your hard earned money in genuine company. We are going to provide answers of you all queries in our Bitzz Review. If you do not want to read full article and need our assistance immediately then ‘we do Not Recommend this site’. Bitcoin investment market is in nascent stage and growing on hourly basis. Many unscrupulous people taking the advantage of the ignorance of people.

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What is Bitzz.io Is Bitzz Scam or Legit Is Bitzz Real or Fake Bitzz Review, Bitzz

How does Bitzz works? Why we aren’t recommending it?

Many sites which working in the bitcoin investment company did not provide owner information on their site. Bitzz did not provided the team member names on their website. They are hiding themselves from the purview of their members. This company is dealing with money, therefore, they have a general obligation to provide quantum of real and genuine information about them to the people. So that people have surety of their investment. People will invest their hard Earned money in this company so they had every right to talk about every discrepancy show by the company.

Through our extensive research we came to know that almost every company working online in this investment market got the registration from the UK Companies Registration. We search a little bit more, to know why companies are getting registration from UK Companies only. We found out that registering a company in the UK Companies is very easy and you have to pay just 20GBP to register your company. Bitzz has also provided the registration certificate from UK Registration under the company name: BITZZ MINING LTD and Company number: 11031692. Their claim to be a register company is not valid. We do not want our reader to invest their money in a company which has zero credibility as an investment company.

Their investment plans are not fascinating but they are giving a good 0.2% interest hourly forever. It means you are getting 4.2% interest daily. It is a very high interest rate which a real company cannot offer. It simply means that company interest rates are not real. It makes the company unsustainable. Therefore, it is advisable that to not invest your money in a company which has no future or guarantee as a trusted company.

They are also running two affiliate programs. One is standard referrals and other is representative referrals. In standard referral they have 3 tier commission levels, 5-2-1% commission up to 3rd level. For representative referrals which are use by blogging or reviewing website to promote their website, they are offering 10-4-2% commission form 1st to 3rd levels. Such a high commission made their business entity more unsustainable and non reliable. Since earning revenue and also paying to its member, as they are promising is impossible.


We do Not Recommend this site due to the reasons stated above in our article. Do not invest your money unwisely. Avoid this site in the beginning and keep distance to save your hard earned money. No one earn huge profit by doing nothing. High returns fascinate us but it has very low credibility. People set trap to get as much as from the people and then run away by shutting their site without any responsibility.

In amidst of such unscrupulous working website there exist Wealthy Affiliate Company which has a very clear vision to help people in earning money online. Through its various training programs and sheer hard work of last 12 years has gain a reputed name for it. We have provided a detail review of Wealthy Affiliate Company which you can access by clicking the link: https://onlineincomeresources.com/the-wealthy-affiliate-review-scam-or-legit

If you have any doubts regarding Bitzz then feel free to ask. Drop your comment in comment box. We will be happy to please you.