What is Bitraft.biz? Is Bitraft Scam or Legit?

What is Bitraft.biz? Is Bitraft Scam or Legit?

If you are reading this article of Bitraft.biz then you are curious to know about its authenticity or you are smart investors who do not want to fall into the trap of lucrative offers. There must be some questions troubling you like, is Bitraft Scam? Or is Bitraft Legit? Or is Bitraft Real? Or is Bitraft Fake? In this Bitraft review we are going to solve all your troubles. There is an increase in the investment in cryptocurrency market and especially in Bitcoins. There are many websites offering bitcoin investment and providing the good return. They also mark boldly that cryptocurrency is a volatile currency. Since its rate increasing on daily basis i.e. why many people are also getting attractive towards it. Many websites are taking advantage of this emerging market by working on ponzi scheme. If you do not want to read further and need our assistance immediately then ‘We do Not Recommend Bitraft’. It is working on ponzi scheme in which there company pay to its existing members from the money deposited by the new members.

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What is Bitraft.biz Is Bitraft Scam or Legit Is Bitraft Real or Fake Bitraft Review Bitraft

How does Bitraft works?

Bit Raft Limited Co. offers investment service. They are offer a cooperative investment strategy that does not involve any risk. We all know investment market is subject to market risk and cryptocurrency is volatile in nature. So proof of no risk is bogus. But we are going to discuss its investment plans that are the one which attract investors towards it. The Bitraft has provided 3 investment plans and all of them are high return plans. First investment plan is 8% interest daily for 20 days on the deposit of minimum amount: 0.001BTC; maximum amount: 1BTC. Second investment plan is 9% interest daily for 20 days on the deposit of minimum amount: 1.001BTC; maximum amount: 5BTC. The third and the final investment plan is 10% interest daily for 20days on the deposit of minimum amount: 5.001BTC; maximum deposit: unlimited. Since the returns are high and we also assume they pay as they are claiming continuously then this company soon going to be bankrupt. It means investing in this investment company is not viable and their business model is not sustainable.

Investment offers make investor blink to discuss about the authenticity of the company. The registration of company provide quantum of proof to declare it a genuine company. The company is registered in UK Companies Registration under the Company name: BIT RAFT LIMITED and company number: 11040429. The registration is correct and it is not bogus. But in our search and research we came to know that getting registration from UK Companies is not big deal and even you can get it through paying just 20GBP only. This is registration is not solid and being an investment company their credibility of being a genuine company is very low or we can say that near zero.

The company investment plans are enough to make it un-sustainable but their affiliate program work as a last nail in coffin. Many genuine companies also offer commission in against of referral but they are very low. Bitraft is claiming that every deposit of member referral will bring a reward of 5% commission. This is very high commission and it make company more non reliable than earlier. It is not wise to invest in such company which is volatile in its own business model.

To gain trust of people the transparency is very important. Transparency comes through revelation of information by the company. Bitraft does not believe in transparency which is not a good company ethics. No owner information is available in the website and they also guarded their information in WHOIS record.  It means they are hiding their information from public view or scrutiny? There is no trail leave by them which leads to them or point towards them. Companies working in ponzi scheme after some duration run away with people money. It make impossible to catch them because of non availability of information.


Bitraft is Not Recommend by us. We will advice to avoid this website. They are working to earn high returns for them only. It is not viable for even risk takers to invest in this website. If you invest in this website then you trust the offers and words only which are not solid enough to make an investment of even $1. Keep safe your money from such money sucking websites.

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If you have any about Bitraft please feel free to ask by dropping your comment in the comment box.