What is Cryptostate.biz? Is Cryptostate Scam?

What is Cryptostate.biz? Is Cryptostate Scam?

You may be wondering on the internet to get information about Cryptostate.io working? We were also curious about it. In this Cryptostate review, we will try to solve your queries like, is Cryptostate Scam? Or is Cryptostate Legit? Or is Cryptostate Real? Or is Cryptostate Fake? You may be reached to Cryptostate website in the curiosity to take the advantage of bitcoin market. Bitcoin investment market emerged with the increasing fame of bitcoin. The problem in bitcoin investment is that many people are not aware of its working and do not know ‘how to’ and ‘where’ they should invest. Some websites are taking the advantage of people ignorance. They have opened websites to suck out bitcoin holding by people. If you are not interested to read the full article then we can lower your burden of reading. We do Not Recommend Cryptostate website. It is because Cryptostate works on ponzi scheme, in which company pays to its members from the money invested by the new members. This method is illegal in many countries. In this scheme, the company accumulates huge debt from the public and in the absence of alternate method to generate revenue, the company gets collapse or they run away with people money after some time.

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What is Cryptostate.biz Is Cryptostate Scam or Legit Is Cryptostate Real or Fake Cryptostate Review, Cryptostate

How does Cryptostate works?

It is not easy to declare any website a scam. It is because many of them are paying. But the working of some website point towards its collapsing and especially in the investment sector. There are also many discrepancies we found in this website. Our findings will prove our argument mention in above paragraph.

Let’s  we talk about the investment plans of this website. Investment plans are the backbone of every investment company. The plans offer by Cryptostate range from 3% to 5% daily interest forever on different investment made by member. In total they have 3 investment plans. We do not need to discuss that because the interest rates are very high and unrealistic. As we have already mentioned about the ponzi scheme. There is very high possibility that Cryptostate pay initially to its members as per their claim but in near future they will stop paying and may run away also. The business model of Cryptostate is very unsustainable which is not good for any investment company because it affect their credibility.

Affiliate programs are used by companies to promote their website and also generate traffic. Traffic for a website is the essential component for its life on the internet. Genuine websites use the affiliate programs but offer very low commission. Which provide them sustainability and reliability. Cryptostate offers 5% and 2% commission to its members. The commission rates make this website non reliable. It means to work as an investment company Cryptostate does not have any genuine backing.

The company is registered in UK Companies House under the company name: CRYPTOSTATE GROUP LIMITED and company number: 11151104.  The certificate is also available on their website. The certificate is right and we do not question it. Here, we want to inform you that if you want to become an owner of any company then it is possible. You have just pay 20GBP to UK Companies House. In our Not Recommended list, you will find that almost every website got its registration certificate from the UK Companies House. Many websites after sometime tuned into a scam website. UK Companies certificate is not a solid ground to proof the company legitimacy.

The company is not provided information of its owner, CEO or MD. They did not provide any name of their team. In Cryptostate website nothing is mentioned about any real person. They also guarded their information in WHOIS records. This clearly points that people operating this website or company is not genuine and they are hiding their identity purposely.


Cryptostate Company is Not Recommend by us. The best advice will be to avoid this website. They do not have any credibility, reliability and legitimacy to work as an investment company. Their offers are profitable no doubt and they may initially. In the long run they are going to shut down their website. It will be futile to invest your money in this website.

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If you have doubt about Cryptostate website please bring it in our attention by commenting in ours comment section.