What is Bitreg.io? Is Bitreg Scam or Legit?

What is Bitreg.io? Is Bitreg Scam or Legit?

If you are looking to know more about Bitreg.io then you have arrived at the right destination to get resolve your all queries. Many companies in bitcoin investment are working on Ponzi scheme. In these kinds of companies, they make money or payments to its old members through their new investors. This trend is trending day by day in bitcoin investment. There are so many questions which will definitely arise in your mind which are like, Is Bitreg Scam? Or Is Bitreg fake? Or Is Bitreg legit? Or Is Bitreg fraud? Or is Bitreg Real? Arising of such kind of doubts is genuine and it means that you are really interested in investing your money or earn more money. Here we are going to answer your all questions in our Bitreg review. If you do not want to waste your time to read the whole article then we will tell you in brief about Bitreg. We do Not Recommend this site this company is working on an illegal scheme i.e Ponzi scheme. Bitcoin investment market is in the nascent stage and growing on the hourly basis. Many greedy people are taking the advantage of the ignorance of people.

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What is Bitreg.io Is Bitreg Scam or Legit Is Bitreg Real or Fake Bitreg Review, Bitreg

How Does BitReg Work?

Since Bitreg is an investment company. They offer different investment plan to their investors. Their investment plans are 10% daily forever interest rate to 20 % daily forever. In the real financial world, paying 20% daily forever interest rate is impossible. It is not achievable. The interest rate of Bitreg website makes it Company highly unsustainable. As we have already mentioned that the company investment rates are really very lucrative.

The company does not have any plan to earn money from other resources still they are paying to their members. It is going to possible just because this is a Ponzi scheme. In Ponzi scheme, old members are paid by the money have invested by its new members.

The affiliate programs are used to increase the traffic on their site. Genuine companies pay the commission to the people on the real product or services .they help to sell. But Bitreg is paying commission without selling a real product or services which make it an illegal program or Ponzi scheme. Bitreg offers to its investors two levels referral program with commission 6%, 2%,  respectively.

There are so many sites which are working in bitcoin investment company do not provide the information of their owner on their site. Bitreg is one of them. Bitreg also does not provide its owner’s information on their website. They are hiding their information from the purview of their members. This company did not provide their information in WHOIS records. They hide their information because they are not genuine. There is no mention of the owner of Bitreg website. They had not declared any name of their professionals. It is not possible that a company is working without the name or professionals. All these things are proving that the Bitreg Company is not a genuine company or it is a Ponzi scheme.


Bitreg is Not Recommend by us. We have already discussed the legitimacy of the company and we have already told that this is a fake company. We advise our readers to stay away from these kinds of websites like Bitreg because they will use their users only for making their money. They are not going to pay their users from their pocket. They pay to their old investors through their new investors. And this trend goes day by day. Once they will collect a lot of money then they will get away and we will not able to claim for them. So be wise and do not work with Bitreg Company.

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If you have any query related Bitreg then please ask with us in our comment box. We will happy to help you.