What is Bitrise.biz? Is Bitrise Scam or Legit?

What is Bitrise.biz? Is Bitrise Scam or Legit?

If you are reading this article then you are curious to know about Bitrise.biz. Bitcoin investment market is the new and going through a transition phase. The success and increasing rate of bitcoin made it a new sensation around the world. It is also giving high returns to people indulge in this market. But many websites are taking the advantage of people ignorance about cryptocurrency and turning it into their own high returns. Some question might start arising in your mind, is Bitrise Scam? Or is Bitrise Legit? Or is Bitrise Real? Or is Bitrise Fake? These are the most genuine question we must ask before investing in any company. There are many players in the market who take the advantage of human greed and offer high returns. They know that people will invest by just seeing the lucrative offers. High return leads to neglecting of some basic points that we are going to discuss in this Bitrise review. If you do not want to read the full article and need our assistance then we do Not Recommend Bitrise. It is working on ponzi scheme, in which company pay to its members from the money invested by the new members.

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What is Bitrise.biz Is Bitrise Scam or Legit Is Bitrise Real or Fake Bitrise Review Bitrise

How does Bitrise works?

Investment Company must have credibility to being a genuine and authentic company. Website of Bitrise Company does not provide any information of their owner and the experts. They even hide their information in WHOIS records. It means that they are hiding intentionally or they are not leaving any trails to catch them. Whey there is a need to catch them? Since, company is working on ponzi scheme phenomenon, they pay initially, then pay selectively and after some time run away with people money without any say or responsibility.

To proof that they are genuine the company has provided the registration certificate on their website. The company is registered in UK Companies Registration, under the company name: BITRISE INVEST LIMITED and company number: 11050185. In our website, readers can find Not Recommended list, in this list almost ever company has got registration from UK Companies. We found the reason behind it. The registration in UK companies cost only 20GBP and that is also without any major document. Their credibility based on this certificate is zero. They are not meeting the parameter of trust which is the edifice of any investment company.

The offers Bitrise claims are different and all of them are ‘high interest daily forever’. Yes, the company providing sure-sure profit. They are working in volatile market and still offering same interest forever. It means they did not use much of their brain while formulating the investment plan. There are 6 investment plans ranging from 10%-30% interest daily forever on different deposit. We told you that the returns are high and this is where almost every person believes in them. Company took the advantage of this foolishness. If we assume that company will pay continuously as per their claims then the company will soon going to collapse or they will declare themselves bankrupt. Our concern is very simple, people hard earned money are in stake here. Therefore, we should ask as much questions as we can. They have the responsibility to solve the queries like authenticity of the company.   Since, their business model is unsustainable. Therefore, we will advice not to invest on such a company which got no future.

Their affiliate programs are the best way to increase the traffic on the website. In reward, company pays commission to members. Genuine companies also offer the commission in percent but the commission is very low. Bitrise offers 2 level referral programs-5% and 2% commission on each level. These are really high numbers and make their business entity more unsustainable and non reliable as an investment company.


Do not fall into the trap of lucrative offers. We do Not Recommend Bitrise and advice our readers to keep distance from such websites. They pay initially but later on when they accumulate a descent amount from people they will shut of their website and run away. The concerned authority will not even able to catch them because they leave no trails. Investment is good to be done. We all have to increase our revenue. But in the path of earning higher return in small time, sometime lead to regret.

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If you are still having any doubts about Bitrise, please ask us. You can drop your valuable comment in the comment box.