What is Bitsector.biz? Is Bitsector Scam or Legit?

What is Bitsector.biz? Is Bitsector Scam or Legit?

If your mind is questioning you about bitsector.biz then this article is absolutely for you. We know that on a wise mind some questions will definitely rise. Such as, Is Bitsector a Scam? Or Is Bitsector Real? Or Is Bitsector Fake? Or Is Bitsector Legit?  Do not panic, we are here for solving your problems. In the review of Bitsector we are going to discuss about all questions which are above and many more like, how does it works, company background, its rate of interest, plans, offers, its legitimacy or many more. The crux of this review is that we “do not recommend” to work with this website. It is a Ponzi scheme. We would like to tell you that in Ponzi scheme, company works only for themselves. In this, company pays to its old members from the investment made by their new members. In the start company pays to its users but some day it realize that new members are not increasing but old members are withdrawing their money i.e. the ratio of new and old members are going disarray then they shut down their website.

There are so many greedy people who are always there on internet for making people fool by which they make money for them. They do not have any other plan to make money so they do this.  Now our work is to make people aware about the fake people or fake sites. Here we have made a list of not recommended sites, you can see them by clicking here: https://onlineincomeresources.com/not-recommended

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What is Bitsector.biz Is Bitsector Scam or Legit Is Bitsector Real or Fake Bitsector review, Bitsector

What is bitsector? And how does it work? 

Above we have told you that Bitsector is not recommended website which works in the basis of Ponzi scheme. The company offers so many exciting and lucrative offers on Internet market and people easily trapped on their offers. Those offers are at very high ROI. They are providing    10% to 15% interest daily for 20 days. If they pay to its users’ at 10% to 15% daily then they will definitely collapse soon. How it could be possible that just for investing your money you will get 10% to 15% daily? From where they will? We know that they are not going to pay from their pocket because they are not fool to pay users from their pocket and not doing business for losing their money. They are working for making profit for themselves. As we told you above that they do not have any good plan for their business they pay their old members from the investment of new members and this goes on. Once they estimate that if the number of new investors are decreasing and the number of old members i.e the members which are withdrawing their money are increasing then they will shut down their business and will not pay any of them either new or old members.

The Bitsector also claims 10%, 11%, 12%, 15%, 220%, 240%, 260%, 330% daily for 20 days for everyone the referral commission is 5%-1%. No one legit companies provide this much profit because its not reliable. If they do this then they will collapse soon but this is not going to happen because they are not so fool to do this.

The Bitsector Company does not provide a single information about the owner of this company. They are not register at WHOIS record. Think once that, which genuine Company is working without its owner. There something is definitely fishy that’s why they do not provide their information. They show their company name and registration number but this is not a big deal to get registration number. You can get registration number and can register UK Companies house by paying only 20 GBP and for this you do not need any real address. You can get this by giving virtual address.

They are also providing 2 Level affiliate programs which is up to 6 %,  level 1 is 5% and level 2 is 1%. this referral commission is just attracting more people on their sites, they want more investment on their site so they are offering this good referral commission, once a time they will stop to pay their members.


Above we had discussed enough about Bitsector. So here we want to clear you that we do Not Recommend to work with Bitsector. This is a Ponzi scheme which will collapse soon. So please don’t come on their lucrative offers. Now share this information with your friends to aware them.

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After reading this article, if you have some query which you want to ask with either share with us then please share in our comment box. we will happy to help you.