What is Cryplister.com? Is Cryplister Scam or Legit?

What is Cryplister.com? Is Cryplister Scam or Legit?

What is Cryplister.com? Are you also wants the answer of stated question. It is sure that you must be trying or wants to invest in bitcoin market. Your search led you to the website Cryplister. In this Cryplister review we will solve some general and most important questions like, is Cryplisteris Scam? Or is Cryplister Legit? Or is Cryplister Real? Or is Cryplister Fake?

Bitcoin rising popularity has mark its presence in every corner of the globe. The idea of decentralization of the currency was the basic idea behind bitcoin. Bitcoin price surge gave rise to Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Market. To avail the benefit of this, many people want to invest their money in bitcoin. To fulfill this demand many people opened the websites to give them a platform to invest their money. If you are not interested to read the full article, then we can abridge your reading. We do “Not Recommend” Cryplisterwebsite because it is working on ponzi scheme. The ponzi scheme is the one in which companies pay to its members from the investment made by new member. Since, they do not have any other sources of earning revenue they accumulate huge debt over them. After some time they run away with people money because unable to pay back as per their promises.

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What is Cryplister.com Is Cryplister Scam or Legit Is Cryplister Real or Fake Cryplister Review, Cryplister

How does Cryplisterwork?

To know about the working of any investment company, let’s find, it is credible or not. To show the legitimacy of the company the Cryplisterhas provided its registration certificate on its website. The registration certificate is from UK Companies House. The company is registered under the company name: CRYPLISTER LIMITED and the company number: 11147067. The Certificate is original and there is no problem with it. Actually this certificate is not a proof of a legitimate company or a company works as an investment company. But it is work only for the purpose of tax. This certificate can be acquire or get from UK Companies House by just paying 20GTBP. It means you can also become the owner of the any company by paying just 20GBP. For the fact, in our Not Recommended list, almost every website contains the registration certificate from UK Companies and many of them also turned in to scam after some time. It means this proof is not solid.

The company website does not provide any kind of information about the owner, CEO, MD, or head of such elegant investment company. They did not even mention any name of their professionals who are going to take care of people investments. Website did not talk about methods by which company is going to earn profit. There is zero transparency in this company. Where there is no transparency, it means you cannot trust that company. The company also guarded their information in WHOIS records. Generally, genuine websites provide their information in HWOIS records. Only websites which are scam does not provide their owner information.

It means the company does not have any component of making it credible company. They are lacking in trust, transparency, and legitimacy. It means if you are risking your money by investing in this website then you are surely going to regret at the end.

The company also has very lucrative and profitable investment plans to offer. They are giving 1.5%-2.5%-12%-120% returns after some time on different investment. The time they calculated is in hours. We do not have to talk about their plans much. They are purely working on ponzi scheme. The numbers are trap for investors. They want people to see only their returning profit and that is why they did not work on other prospect of increasing its credibility. There is very great possibility that company is going to pay in its initial period but after some time they are going to stop their payment because they will not be able to pay. The company investment plans make this company unsustainable.

The company also offer affiliate programs which is providing 3 levels of programs. It is offering 5%-3%-1% commission to its members. Genuine website also use affiliate programs because it helps to increase traffic on the website. The difference between genuine and Cryplisterwebsite is that genuine website commission are very low. This gave them reliability. The affiliate programs of Cryplistermakes it non reliable from every angle.


Cryplister website is “Not Recommend” by us due to various reasons already mentioned. This website does not have credibility, reliability and sustainability which are very important for any investment company. Do not just invest by seeing the high returns because this is what scammers want from you. Avoid this website on the first instance and also beware people around you about this website.

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If you have any doubt regarding Cryplister then please share it with us. We will be happy to help you.