What is Blackoption.net? Is Blackoption Scam?

Are you searching the web to know about Blackoption.net, then you must be wise person who think before doing his/her action. What we meant here is that, many people did not try to read about websites that offer only dreamy plans and returns nothing on people investment or work. In this Blackoption review we are trying to get the answers of some general questions like, is Blackoption Scam? Or is Blackoption Legit? Or is Blackoption Real? Or is Blackoption Fake? With the emergence of internet, many people earned very good amount while working online. People get a general perception that working and earning online is easy. They totally neglect the hard work and the mind used by successful people. If you do not want to read the full article and need the answer in a nut shell, then ‘Blackoption is a scam website’. There are other websites like Redoption, Eurous, Bestsun and other listed in our “Avoid Scam” list that has similar working like Blackoption. The fact is that all of the listed websites are similar to Blackoption are declared as a scam website.
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What is Blackoption.net Is Blackoption Scam or Legit Is Blackoption Real or Fake Blackoption Review Blackoption

How does Blackoption works?

The owner information is essential for working of any website. It is because information provide more transparency about the company and it help to build trust on the company. More the people trust on this website, the credibility of the website will increase. Since, money and investment is the product of this website then information become more important. Blackoption does not provide any information of their owner. They also guarded their information in WHOIS records it means the company does not want to reveal their identity to people. One question we want to ask here is that, can you trust a company which is not able to share their information will going to share their revenue with the people?
The company offer in starting is very simple. They are offering $25 as a sign up bonus and the company will credit the amount immediately as you login the website. The company is working on binary trading system (as per their claim). They are providing investment plans without investment. Yes, we know it is ridiculous to invest without any investment but the company is doing it. This also explains much about the company bogus plans. The signup bonus provided to you is the money which you can invest in different trading partners that are also provided by them and earn profit after 24 hours. This way you can done trading and multiply earning. The money deduction and credit can be seen in your account. It is little bit tricky as company did not explain how their system is working. But we want to assure you that whatever they are doing it is not binary trading. They did not provide any detail or information of their working, whatever it is but it is not legit. We will not be able to catch them it is because they left no trails behind them (as explained in upper paragraph).
You can make referrals on this website. Referrals can be made in any website they are also doing that. The referrals increase website traffic that help to generate more revenue. You can work in this website to earn more money by referrals but it will be futile because company is not paying. The complaints of non-payment easily been seen in any forums. The company provides reviews of their website on their website. These reviews are totally unreal and you cannot search that people. The name and photos are unreal and anybody can do by using software.
The company may be earning from the information member provide them while registering. What happen, scam website use people information and amalgamate them and turn it into big data which they sell to some anonymous party and earn handsomely. They also try to get people financial information which makes people vulnerable to hacker attack. We also seen in recent past the hacker attack by Ransomeware (a malware). In it hackers ask ransome in respect to not destroying the data of the people.


Blackoption is a scam website. Not only their working is tricky, it is mysterious also. They did not provide any authenticity of their working. They are just simply trying to confuse people on their binary trading system which is even not a proper binary trading system. It means they are simply trying to fool other. There are also some discrepancies which are already mentioned above claiming that this website is not useful for anyone who is trying to earn money. We will advise that avoid this website and also aware people in our social circle so that due to ignorance they fall into this website trap.

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If you have any doubt or questions about Blackoption then you can mention it on our comment sections. We will be glad by listing from you.


  1. I got ripped off by this broker not long, it was close to impossible to get a withdrawal. I had to hire a recovery professional to get my funds back. Glad this is over for me.

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