Is a scam or is it really legit?

Is a scam or is it really legit? is an online shopping store launched recently in August 2019 that went straight on fireafter a YouTube review by the Unbox Therapy. There seems to be a buzz around this website with Redditors talking about it and high volumes ofGoogle searches in the past few weeks. But the real question here is that whether is a legitimate business store or just another scam dropshipping model.

There’s a lot of talk around town about this store and we will take all the customer feedback and reviews into account while giving you an honest and compact review about the website and its legitimacy.

Without reading our review thoroughly, please do not engage yourself with the website and share information with it unless you are completely at ease.

Is a scam or is it really legit?

Is a complete scam?

Looking at the various reviews we found online, we can safely say that isn’t a complete scam. They take orders and do deliver their products. But despite all this, in the past few weeks, there seemed to be a surge in people searching for terms like “blvcknoir scam” according to Google Trends. What is the reason behind hundreds of people searching for something like this?

According to a review from the YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy,’s primary product, the BlackPods 2,gives an extremely good connectivity with Apple products like iPhones and pairs with them surprisingly well. According to the YouTube reviewer who compares the $200 official Apple AirPods and the $60 copied-version BlackPods2, the productdoesn’t fair that bad against the original competitor with its seamless connection capability but does compromise a little on its quality.

SomeReddit users, who didn’t take long to jump into the debate, found that the website was just dropshipping the product from Chinese retailors on AliExpress by placing bulk orders of $145 per 10 pieces and selling themat $60 a piece on their website.

Similarity with the scam site was an online shopping website launched back in March 2019 but was taken down after receiving serious backlash from the customers over the inferior services they provided. It was brandedas a fraudulent website. What’s surprising here is that and are eerily similar websites and their structures are also exactly the same. They probably have the same owner too. This is what made people freak out when went viral with accusations of being a scam.

Owner of the online store pages on both these websites show exactly the same details regarding the proprietors of the website and its domains. So it’s quite likely that both of them are owned by the same person. This really is making the customers a little uncomfortable with what has happened to the earlier version. Even now with relaunch, there isn’t much information available about the site which significantly reduces buyer confidence.

Website safety and security

The website is built on a secure https and Shopify platform which makes it safe for your personal and billing information. Search engines also mark it as a safe destination for your browser to arrive at with no malware or malicious content. with its BlackPods 2 may give you a unique opportunity to get a decent AirPods copy in black color at a fraction of its price or quality but the track record that this website and its owners have likely held in the near past, with a similar-looking website, doesn’t warrant a complete, absolute trust on the consumer-end.