What is Brainbux.com? Is Brainbux Scam or Legit?

What is Brainbux.com? Is Brainbux Scam or Legit?

Are you also eager to know what Brainbux.com is? Then we are on the same boat. Earlier we were also eager about it and now we want to share our research with you about Brainbux Review. In this article we are going to tackle some general questions that troubled us like, Is Brainbux Scam? Or is Brainbux Legit? Or is Brainbux Real? Or is Brainbux Fake? It is PTC site and provides people to earn money by clicking on them and other methods. They are offering very good offers to members. It is hard to tell anything directly about this website but we found many bugs in their working system. We are going to discuss those bugs later in this article. If you do not want to read full article and need the crux of this article without learning or understanding the arguments then ‘Brainbux is a scam website’.

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What is Brainbux.com Is Brainbux Scam or Legit Is Brainbux Real or Fake Brainbux Review Brainbux

How does Brainbux works?

In the first paragraph we told you that it is PTC website. In which one can earn by clicking the ads. When member click the ads then they have to confirm that they have seen the ad by clicking on the captcha or some other confirmation method, after completion of bar which work as a time clock. Brainbux offer very lucrative offers. First, they are offering €3 as a signing bonus for first 220000 members. They credit member account immediately after the signing up. Second, Brainbux offer €0.10 per click. Every day they provide 10+ ads to its members for viewing. Since, the click rate is very high then member can earn very good money (as compare to other genuine websites) from this website. But there is one discrepancy we found during our research in their click rate.

The PTC website earn by showing advertisement on their website. They are offering advertiser to show their advertisement on their website and get 2000 credit for just only €1.99.  Since, company is paying €0.10 for watching the ads which means for 2000 credits Brainbux Company is paying €200. They are earning €2 and paying €200, which means they are in loss of €198. The people running Brainbux Company are not philanthropist who will pay from their own pocket. Therefore, it means that either their claims are bogus or they are not going to pay its members. On both scenarios members are going to become fool.

Referrals are used by various website to increase their website traffic. Brainbux is giving €0.01 for every referral click. It is very good amount. Genuine website provides very low commission to its members for referrals, it is because low commission allow website to sustain for long and pay regularly to its members. Brainbux is paying high amount which is not viable for running of a company.

Brainbux Company does not provide information of their owner or personals working on this website. They also hide their information in WHOIS records. Information hiding is the common feature of scam websites. It question towards the Brainbux authenticity. Since, the company also hiding information intentionally, it means what they are doing is not legit, that is why company does want to leave behind any trails.

Now, lets’ we talk about the payment system of the Brainbux Company. They are claiming that they do not have any cashout limit and instant payout. So when member register itself company pay them €3 as per their offer into their account and after it if member want to cashout it then company show a message ‘It is necessary to make 100 clicks to request your payment or op-grade your account’. They are violating their own claims i.e. no cashout limit.

If you go further and complete 100 clicks task on this website, your account will show something around €9 and now member willing to cash it out. But after completion of this task, member request for payment then company told them that they have to make 10 referrals first for withdrawing of their money. They again violate their claims and not allowing member to get ‘instant payment’ that they earned on this website. In reality what company is doing is that they are just delaying and frustrating members. They have already used member enough, now they do not want them as much as they wanted them in the beginning. It simply means that company is not going to pay anyone. May be they have not paid to anyone. It is because in many website we have found complaints of delaying process and nobody done further work on this website after facing absurd company policies. We also did not find anybody claiming to get payment from this website. It simply means, nobody waste their time and resources after completing 100 clicks task.


The Brainbux Company is scam website. They are not legit and it is futile to waste your time in this website. They are using people simply. Through our research we found out that nobody went to make 10 direct referrals after 100 click task. It is wise move to understand that company claims are bogus. We should learn from other mistakes. Think wisely about their plans, all of them making Brainbux unsustainable. If we assume for a minute that company is paying then this company will going to collapse soon. But it is online from a good time period. It did not collapse due to only one reason i.e. they did not paid to anyone.

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If you have any doubt regarding Brainbux then please feel free to ask us by dropping your valuable comment.